The Firm Foundation and The Language of Ashdod

G. D. Dean
Fort Smith, Arkansas

In the March 22, 1966 FIRM FOUNDATION, Editor Reuel Lemmons denounces "The Language of Ashdod." He cries out against what he calls "the jargon of liberalism," and concludes with these words: "We need to go back to speaking the language of Israel rather than the Ashdodic language of Liberalism." Brother Lemmons' intentions may be good, but he is too closely associated with "liberalism" to be very effective in fighting it. I don't know what he thinks the "language of Ashdod" is, but the FIRM FOUNDATION is full of it. I would like to see him try to justify some of the following: "Minister of Education," "Youth Director," "Assistant Minister," "Anti-Cooperation man," "Fellowship Day," "Fellowship Supper," "Fellowship Hall," "The Lake Geneva Encampment," "Mission work in Japan overseen by church in Ala.," "Torreon Bible School. Send checks, or write for information to the Minter Lane Church of Christ." "Midwest Preacher's Retreat will be held Oct. 4-6. Reuel Lemmons was the main speaker last year," "Ibaraki Christian College. Churches should be willing to support people in this teaching-evangelistic effort " "Another such Prince of Peace corps is planned for 1966," "The Honorable delivered the dedication address for the church.... A Cappella Chorus gave a concert following the address," "New Beginning in Vietnam. Contact Lynn D. Yocum, Church of Christ Mission," "Annual Fellowship Dinner," "9th Annual National Bible Chair Lectures," "Singapore Christian College. This school from the outset has been under the oversight of the elders at Seventh Street Church of Christ," "Kamloops, British Columbia. The church in West Memphis, Ark is overseeing the Focus/Okanagan project which includes this work and also the work in Kelowna, B. C." "The Biblical Studies Center (Picture with article) of the University of Texas, an outgrowth of the first Bible Chair established by the Churches of Christ," "Campaign for Christ in Italy. The Donmyer Ave. church of Christ in South Bend, Ind. has accepted the responsibility of sponsoring this project," "Dr. Anthony Ash spoke on the Christological problem, the epistemological problem..." "Bible School Superintendent," "a kitchen in the basement, with recreational facilities."

If he wants more, we could give more. But this will suffice to show that brother Lemmons' task of cleaning up the speech of the brotherhood might well begin at home.

TRUTH MAGAZINE X: 11, p. 16 August 1966