Let's Use This Information

Donald P. Ames
Aurora, Illinois

We today are living in a very skeptical period of time, as manifested by such claims as "God is dead," etc. The Bible is not enough for many today, but rather one may hear in reply, "So what who believes the Bible anyway?" Such a response, unfortunately, will catch many in the church off their guard and unable to make a reply.

Even more tragic than this is the gross ignorance in many areas because we have closed our eyes to what we believe to be false and simply refused to give any more study to the subject. Particularly I have reference here to the false theories of evolution. How many parents today can answer the claims of evolution, or are even aware of what they are? Can they actually defend the Biblical account of creation? Can they answer the questions evolution raises in the minds and faith of the young people to their satisfaction? This number, I fear, is far too small.

In spite of a scientific trend in the other direction, evolution continues to infiltrate school textbooks at every opportunity. It is being acknowledged as a theory by some that is, parallel with other theories, such as the theory of gravity! Evolutionists are becoming more outspoken on less evidence and getting away with it. This subject is vital to the faith and convictions of our young people and answers are desired on many questions (if you doubt this you should observe their eager grasping for further information). However, in most cases, the youngsters already know more about the theory than their parents, preacher, or others within the church.

Recently I had the opportunity to hear Bro. Paul Foutz, evangelist for the Bellaire Church of Christ, Bellaire, Texas, in a gospel meeting preaches a series of three sermons on this very subject. Having studied evolution myself, I was well impressed with the depth with which he treated it, yet in a language all could grasp and understand. Bro. Foutz has spent about three years studying this subject, as his lessons show, and furthermore keeps constantly up-to-date on it by continued study and research. He not only is willing to teach it, but also is more than willing to talk to the high school and college-age as well and answer the questions they may wish to raise. (And preachers themselves can get quite an education from this study). He has also debated a professor from Rice University over the radio in Houston, and has done a very good job for the cause of truth.

We have often noted men who have given study to a particular subject, such as 0. C. Lambert or Luther Martin on Catholicism, and I'd like to do the same for Bro. Paul Foutz. Evolution is a vital subject, and here is a man who has given the subject the study needed to meet the challenges being presented in today's school systems. I'd like to urge the churches to use this information; invite him to preach on this vital subject there, and let it be known around the community too. Just because we as parents may believe we know the truth does not mean we have the answers the young people today are seeking. It does not even mean we know what they are talking about when they ask them. But these lessons do have those answers, and are very educational to all. Why not write him today and consider this study with him? I assure you, you won't regret it.

TRUTH MAGAZINE X: 11, pp. 16-17 August 1966