An Anonymous Poem and a Sequel

Dudley Ross Spears
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

In the aftermath of a debate recently conducted here between this writer and Lewis G. Hale on institutionalism, I received the following poem from some writer who chose to be anonymous. I thought I might try my hand at rhyme and here is the result. The poem is evidently clipped from an institutional paper and here is the way it goes:

I knew there were orphaned and homeless and sick being cared for, who needed my aid.

But I just didn't believe in the way it was done, you're so strict, Lord, that I was afraid.

So I kept your money as pure as could be tainted not by "unscriptural plan."

But now, God have mercy, too late I can see I'm that miserable one talent man.


They were orphaned all right but what did I care,

We gave money to Tiptonfrom the treasury, our share.

The "antis" say when we do this we're wrong,

But I'll stick to my position and follow the throng.

Regardless of Scripture, who needs it anyway;

We're moving, we're growing, we're really making hay!

We now have the Orphanage doing our charity work and soon the Colleges we dare not to shirk.

The Colleges need moneyat least that's what they claim,

So into the budget with themwe have no shame.

Ignore those old "antis" and no one will be harmed.

They ask for scripture and though we have none

Their position is scriptural and would soon make us one.

But who wants to be one with such a small bunch?

The digressives are larger and with them we can lunch!

No one needs to tell me that I am not a poet any longer. I will henceforth and forever refuse to believe it! These lines of rhyme may not go down in literary history but they do pretty well answer such as the "liberals" can spout. They also pretty well size up the situation, which is: 1. We have no scripture 2. We are part of a church that donates to a human benevolent organization3. We don't intend to listen to the "antis."

May God grant that people will open deafened ears and hardened hearts to the truth.

TRUTH MAGAZINE X: 11, p. 21 August 1966