The Church

Lee Vincent
Russellville, Alabama

Christ said that I am the Door,

Now that is plain to see,

No man cometh to the Father

Except he comes in the Door, by Me.

If you try to get in

Without wearing his name,

Do you think that what Christ said,

That that doesn't mean a thing?

Now Christ gave the church a name;

Don't you think that name will do?

Why give it another? You must not add to.

There just isn't any way

That you can climb up.

You may try to build one,

But he said that He would root it up.

And Christ gave the name of the church

That the church wore,

And Christ is the head of the church,

And that head is the Door.

When you change His plan,

Don't you know that that is sin;

That you are teaching for doctrine

The Commandments of men?

I ought to please God

And reverence His word,

And take what it says,

And not what I have heard.

Truth Magazine X: 12, p. 17 September 1966