Seven Cent Church Splitters

J. T. Smith
Dayton, Ohio

Not long ago I came across this article that was printed by Potter Orphan Home and School, Bowling Green Ky., in their paper called the Potter Messenger. As you read this article, I want you to keep in mind that I did not write it, and that an "anti" preacher did not write it. It was written by an Orphan - Home that takes money from churches of Christ and certainly should not be prejudiced. I want you to read it prayerfully and carefully.

"A random sampling of 100 congregations reporting in CHURCHES OF TODAY produced some startling and dismaying facts. Every church in the sampling reported more than 200 members and this was the only limitation placed on the sampling. These 100 churches reported 31,296 members and annual budgets totaling $2,964,146.00.

"The total amount contributed for benevolence by these congregations for the calendar year 1961 was $114,640.00. This amounts to the grand average of $3.66 per year per member. The average church member contributes seven cents per week to benevolent work of all kinds or less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

"We support orphans and widows, but not very many, not very much. We believe in benevolence but not very strongly. Or can it be that we have exhausted our opportunities for doing good 'to all men."'

Now remember, these figures were compiled by one of the "church of Christ orphanages." If you can understand how brethren can run around all over the country dividing the Lord's church over 7" per person, you have a better "understanding" than I have. Just think of it, just 7" per person per week (just l" per day) out of 31,296 church membersand they say WE don't love orphans. How can people MISS going to HELL who yell "orphan haters" when they are not even giving enough per week per person to buy one of these children a Coca Cola???

This reminds me of the debate that was held in Jacksonville, Florida, between brethren Charles Holt and Roy C. Deaver. Brother Deaver continually accused brother Holt of not being willing to help an orphan child, when brother Deaver knew that brother Holt had four adopted children who at one time were orphans. They have the kind of "home" God intended for them to have with love and care; and not a semi-penal institution to stay in like Potter Orphan Home.

So, we might want to refer to them as "two-bit" church splitters, but we can not, for they are not. They are just 7" church splitters. They are actually worse than Judas Iscariot. He tore up the Lord's work for 30 pieces of silver, and preachers will do it today for just 7 pieces of copper.

I am acquainted with several preaching brethren, and others, who are accused of not being willing to help orphans. Many of them have from one to four children who have orphans in their homes. They are doing what God commanded Christians to do. They are, "visiting the fatherless and widows in their affliction . . ." (Jas. 1:27). So, without any Scriptural authority, these "promoters" continue to beg for 7" per week (l" per day) to care for these un-fortunate children who are in these homes. I know that in many instances that these children are there as a result of "sorry parents" and in many cases the parents are both still living and able to support them.

1 " per day is as little as you could possibly give. It will be too bad if they ever start making = " pieces. Yes, these 7" brethren let on like the churches are doing such enormous work in caring for the needy. So, no more than they are spending, if they love the Lord's church as much as they claim they do, and if they want us to be united like they say they do, why don't these preachers encourage their members to send their $3.66 per year, and keep their un-Scriptural institutions out of the church's budget and let the Lord's church work in peace????

I don't know of one single orphan child who needs help that is not receiving it. HOW ABOUT YOU???

TRUTH MAGAZINE XI: 3, pp. 9-10
December 1966