That's It

A. C. Grider
Longview, Texas

The second most disgusting and frightening situation that I have witnessed in many years is the fad or fanaticism of the boys who grow their hair down to their shoulders and won't have it cut off.

The first and most disgusting, and frightening situation ever to come to my attention is the infatuation of the girls for these boys who so dishonor their heads.

But, I think we have the reason for this strange behavior of the girls pointed out to us by one who has studied people. A psychiatrist has pointed out that these girls are immature and, while they desire male companionship, are not ready for a real man. So, what do they do? They pick out a feminine type sissy that looks like another female! How about that?

This is a very serious matter. Boys who let their hair grow until they can't be distinguished from a woman certainly have no respect for women. And girls who would be influenced by these long haired bums certainly can have no respect for real men. This could very well be another step in the disintegration of our civilization.

It may be a fad and it may not last long. I fervently hope it is soon forgotten. But the poorest and sorriest excuse for husbands and wives and mothers and fathers are long haired sissies and swooning, immature, afraid-of-he-men girls.

January 1967