A New Vocabulary!

Luther Blackmon
Bedford, Ohio

It would appear that if we are to understand what our promoting brethren are doing we must learn a new vocabulary. Here is a sample of some of the projects that have appeared in the Christian Chronicle, published in Abilene and edited by Brother James W. Nichols, one of the founders of the Herald of Truth: "Target to Stamford," "Exodus New Jersey"

'Faith Corps," "Preacher's Retreat," "Operation '68 Advance Guard," "Midland Mission Conference," "Youth Forum," "Campaigns for Christ," "Elders Workshop," "Mission Seminar," "Tri-State Rally," and "Eight Days of Decision."

Honestly now, how does all this carnival like ballyhoo look alongside statements from the Bible, such as: "Long time therefore abode they (Paul and Barnabas) speaking boldly in the Lord;" and "They . . . fled unto Lystra and Derbe . . . and there they preached the gospel" (Acts 14:3-7).

It seems that the plain ordinary gospel meeting by one congregation and with an ordinary gospel preacher is a dull affair any more. It must be an area-wide campaign with a dynamic or amazing evangelist. We must learn to "turn on the steam, tie the throttle down, think big" - that is, bigger than just one church minding its own business and doing its own work. I am reminded here that it is not the speed we travel that gets us where we want to go, but the direction we take. Reading such reports and advertisements makes one feel as though he would like to get hold of one of these wild-eyed promoters and shake him a little, wipe the froth off his mouth, dash a little cold water in his face and say, "Fellow, listen a minute, get hold on yourself, look around you and see what is happening. Throw away all this denominational terminology and organizational junk and get back to the Bible plan of congregational independence, preaching the gospel and establishing churches that work according to New Testament authority."

March 1967