We Will Go, Send Us!

Tom Bunting
Miami, Florida

The Lord willing, and we live - Shirley, I, and our three sons will be in Bergen, Norway, Sunday, June 11, 1967. We are looking and planning ahead in faith. Our youngest son David (who was born in Canada) is being naturalized so that we can receive passports. The necessary preparations are being made for t h e move. Our departure date from New York is set for June 9, 1967. The decision is definite. We are studying the language as much as time will permit.

I consider it a privilege and an opportunity to carry out the command to "go into all the world" and look for it to be an experience that will enrich our faith. It also affords you another opportunity 'to fulfill the Lords command to "teach all nations," having fellowship in the gospel with us.

Due to the nature of the move, plans have to be made well in advance. With our departure in the early part of June, our invitation to you is urgent. We are in need of our living expenses and travel fund. Will you have fellowship in the gospel with us?

I have corresponded with brethren in Norway for about five years having been deeply interested in the Lord's work in Scandinavia; particularly Norway. Having intended to go now for some time, the time has come I feel I must go! Brother Bob Tuten, who has been there for four years, will be back in the states by June 6, 1967. This will leave the Tom Thornhills alone in Norway as the only American evangelist. We are placing ourselves in the hand of God that He may use us in this work if it be His will.

I cannot say what the fruits of our labor will be, or how successful our work. I can only assure you that I shall proclaim the true gospel of Jesus Christ and God will give the increase. I can promise you that we shall do our very best!

Since the departure is set and time is short, if you plan to help in this work con tact us now: Tom O. Bunting, 2410 S. W. 14th Street, Miami, Fla. 33145.

Personal references: The editor of this paper, the faculty of Florida College, Harris Dark, Murfreesboro, Tenn., or Robert Jackson, Riverside Drive Church of Christ, Nashville, Tenn.

April 1967