The Truth and Nigeria

Wayne L. Payne
Poteau, Oklahoma

One great and perplexing problem with which faithful Christians are faced today is in carrying the gospel of Christ throughout the world. In our own country, there is indifference on the part of the lost toward the truth of God. Thousands upon thousands of dollars are spent each year teaching the gospel, yet few conversions Wayne L. Payne are seen. People are too occupied in the acquisition of and participation in worldly affairs. There is no time or desire for that which is spiritual. It is discouraging and disheartening.

But there is one country in this world where such is not the case; not yet anyway. That country is Nigeria, West Africa. Nigeria has a population of over 50 million souls, for the most part unspoiled by Western sophistication, and willing to listen to gospel preaching and to discuss God's word with an open mind.

Street preaching is very effective, and will gather a crowd of 100 to 150 people in a few minutes, which will remain as long as the teacher has strength to continue. Results are amazing. Brother Robert Speer recently reported almost 70 baptisms in one place, over a month's period. Yes, the field is ready for harvest, but the laborers are indeed few. The people in Nigeria need help, but is there anyone who is willing to go? The answer is yes.

Over a year and a half ago I became interested in the Nigerian work. Since then I have viewed it with much interest and with a desire to go and help. The Nigerian people need the gospel preached to them. They have asked for help, and recently I have been asked by the American brethren in Nigeria to come, and the Lord willing I will go.

My family (including my wife Lois and our three girls) and I plan to leave America for two years in Nigeria in July of this year, and not later than the first part of August. But one thing is sure; I cannot go without your help brethren. I need to raise $550.00 per month for personal support (food and clothing costs are from two to three times what they are here). I will need $100.00 per month for house rent and expenses. We will have to raise approximately $6,000.00 for travel and work funds (return passage must be guaranteed before departure.)

We are willing to go brethren, are you willing to help? I believe you are, and that you will. There is no place in the world where our money and energy can be better expended than in Nigeria, where the truth is so received with joy and thanksgiving to the saving of many souls. Brethren do not forget us. I await your reply.

TRUTH MAGAZINE, XI: 7, pp. 5-6
April 1967