Can I Help?

William C. Sexton
St. Joseph, Missouri

I would like to hear from any brethren in the following areas: North West Missouri, North East Kansas, South East Nebraska, and South West Iowa, who are aware of the innovation being brought into the Lords church today. Surely there are those in these areas disturbed and concerned about the purity of Gods people today. I would like to know of those who are willing to stand up for the truth of God's word, demand authority for what is practiced, and who have courage to oppose these forces at work to disrupt the Lord's work today.

I can assist some small groups in these areas over the next several months, by holding some short meetings and/or conducting Bible studies. I shall ask for Bible authority for all that is practiced by God's people; I'll give Bible authority for what I do or I'll give it up. If you desire to stand for the FAITH ONCE DELIVERED TO THE SAINTS, and I can assist, call me at 816-AD 3-3214.

We have had good attendance at 10th and Lincoln thus far this year. We expect this to continue, and to see some growth in the rest of this year.

February 7th I preached for the congregation meeting at 1802 Jackson Street in Beatrice, Nebraska. These brethren are small in number, but strong in determination to stand for God's word. They meet in the basement of Brother R. C. Richardson's house. They are looking for some one to move and work with them. Anyone interested should write Bro. Richardson. I urge any brethren in that state to meet and worship with them, if you are concerned about the purity of God's people. Study the problems facing the people of God today.

These brethren are asking men and women in that area to "Prove all things; bold fast that which is good" (I Thess. 5:21). They meet for their mid-week service Tuesday at 7:00 p. in. They would appreciate anyone coming and investigating the things they preach and practice. Beatrice is some 50 miles from Lincoln, and there seems to be a few there who will stand for the truth. As far as I know the congregation here at 10th and Lincoln in St. Joe is the closest sound congregation to these brethren.

TRUTH MAGAZINE, XI: 7, pp. 6-7
April 1967