The Torch

Cecil Willis

Elsewhere in this issue you will find an announcement regarding the beginning of a new paper, TORCH. This new quarterly will be edited by- William E. Wallace and published by Billy K. Farris. It will be pocket-size, and contain 32 pages of material in each issue. Subscription is $1.00 yearly. We certainly encourage you to send your subscription to TORCH, Rt. 3, Booneville, Mississippi 38829.

William E. Wallace is one of the ablest writers among us. For several years he has served congenially and ably as an Associate Editor of TRUTH MAGAZINE. He will continue so to serve. It was largely through William's encouragement that TRUTH MAGAZINE was continued when its former publishers decided they could no longer publish it. Wallace is a penetrating thinker and a polished writer. His editorship of TORCH will assure you that you will get your money's worth when you subscribe to TORCH.

Billy K. Farris, though one of the younger gospel preachers among us has demonstrated his steadfastness, his willingness to work and his courage to stand for what is right. It has been a pleasure to be closely associated with him in considerable gospel work. He will make a splendid co-worker for Brother Wallace in publication of TORCH.

To brethren Wallace and Farris, Editor and Publisher of TORCH, we extend our very best wishes as they set sail upon the sometime stormy sea of religious journalism. To you, our faithful readers of TRUTH MAGAZINE, we extend a sincere invitation to join with Wallace and Farris in this recently begun venture by being among the first to subscribe to TORCH. Your $1.00 will be profitably spent when you subscribe to TORCH.

April 1967