Call the Fire Department

A. C. Grider
Longview, Texas

According to announcement from Lubbock, Texas, Batsell Barrett Baxter, "who started the present avalanche of area wide campaigns" is going to preach in such a campaign at South Plains October 4-11.

In preparation for the meeting they are going to have "a gigantic youth rally" which will be headed by "the scintillating Jimmy Allen."

And they are going to have "South Plains Personal Work Rally" which will be headed by "the dynamic 'Mid' McKnight."

And they say "the combustible Ira North" will be out there to help in the matter.

They are also going to have "A Coliseum Chorus of 1,000 voices" along with "A Coliseum children's Hour." They want everybody to get a "spine-tingling thrill" even before the meeting starts by just "imagining" what is going to happen. A "general alert has been sounded" about "The explosive incentive . . ."

Actually I am worried about the whole thing. I am not worried as to the sectarianism involved. Most of it is too ridiculous for sectarians. I am worried that somebody will get hurt. Think of it: Power packed moments, General alert, Explosive incentive and all of that.

COMBUSTIBLE: capable of taking fire; that can be easily burned up (Definitions from Webster.)

Now can't you see the danger in this thing? If "the dynamic 'Mid' McKnight" becomes too "energetic and forceful" he might cause "the scintillating Jimmy Allen" to "sparkle" too "intellectually" and to "give off" too many "sparks" which might cause "the combustible Ira North" to take "fire" and be "burned up."

Brethren, it is a shame and a disgrace that the church of the Lord still has to be cursed with such men as are mixed up in these things.

Oh, the blasphemy of these people in talking about "the first century gospel" and then turning right around and talking about "The sixteen congregations of Lubbock, under the coordination of the Broadway eldership . . ." They are not following first century gospel. They are fostering twentieth century sectarianism.

May God have mercy on the thousands and thousands of sincere, faithful Christians who are taken captive by Satan through these "dynamic, scintillating, combustible" glory-taking so-called gospel preachers.

April 1967