Paul Williams to Go to South Africa

Paul K. Williams
Plainfield, Indiana

For over fifteen years my wife and I have been extremely interested in the work in South Africa. Ten years ago we tried to go, but a combination of factors prevented our getting there. Recently Bro. Gene Tope visited us and took away all our excuses for not going now; so, God being our Helper, we have decided to go in December of this year.

We intend going to Johannesburg, where there is only one very small white congregation controlled by the liberals. The city of Johannesburg has 500,000 white people and 500,000 black people in it. Brother Tope tells us that there are vast areas of this great city where the gospel has never been preached. We will work and live among the white people. We will also have opportunity to preach to the blacks both in the city and in the native areas away from the city. Since the people of South Africa speak English, there will be no language barrier. And since the climate is mild and the education and health facilities are excellent, we will be able to remain longer than the two years that evangelists going to the tropical areas of Africa stay. We intend staying in South Africa four years.

My wife and I will both be 37 years old when we leave. We have five boys. The oldest two are Christians and should be a great help in our work. All of us are in good health. I was advised by some when we desired to go ten years ago that I needed more preaching experience and the experience of working with elders. Well, that experience has now been acquired. And I feel -that I am now in the most productive years of my life. I sincerely believe that we will be able to do much good in preaching the gospel in South Africa.

We look forward to working closely with Bro. Ray Votaw, who is preaching in Springs, about 40 miles from Johannesburg, and with Bro. Gene Tope, who will be returning to Krukersdorp in June, which is about 30 miles from Johannesburg. Brother Wayne Sullivan is now in Pretoria, which is about 75 miles away. These three are the only faithful American preachers in the country.

We are seeking monthly support, travel fund and a work fund. Since I am writing this just five days after we made our decision to go, we have none of the money at this writing. I confidently expect brethren to fill these needs, for I have become increasingly impressed with the willingness of faithful churches to support evangelists everywhere in the world.

May 1967