Come Let Us Reason Together

Doug D. Bauer
Rhodesia, Africa

"For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first and counteth the cost whether he have sufficient to finish it? Lest haply, after he hath laid the foundation and is not able to finish it, all that behold it begin to mock him, saying, this man began to build, and was not able to finish" (Luke 14:28:30).

Que Que is a town situated mid-way between the capital city of Rhodesia, Salisbury and Bulawayo, the second largest city in Rhodesia. Que Que was first settled by gold miners, later farmers and last of all by workers at the largest iron ore mine in Rhodesia. It is the main town for the Que Que district tribal trust land, which is a large area put aside for the development of the African (black) people. The 1961 government census showed a population of 9,180 whites and 26,160 black, plus 1961 Asians and Colored. We can add a few thousand to those figures and be about right for 1967. Yet, since our arrival we have managed to locate only 2 white and 2 black Christians, a total of 4 Christians in 37,000 to 40,0,00 people. Further to this terrible state, the Lord's church is not even KNOWN. When mentioned, we mostly get this reply, "Is it a new sect?" Dear saints, this should not be. The Lord's church should be a thorn in the sides of all denominational worshippers; the mention of our 'Lord's called out' should burn the hearts of all those who follow after the thoughts of man! So much for Que Que.

Gatooma: A town about the same size as Que Que, situated 40 miles east of Que Que on the main Salisbury highway. In this town and outlying mines we have located two small congregations, both being solely black Christians. These Christians were so pleased that they would have us only 40 miles away, and that we planned to visit them during the weeks and every 2nd Lord's Day, that it encouraged Sheila and I to a greater will to serve Him. Beloved in Christ, we are just a-rearing to get with it, but let's reason together.

For those who have not as yet met us, let me introduce my family and myself. Sheila is 31 and I am 35 years old. Both born and educated in Rhodesia. Our children are Kevin, 13 yrs.; Sharon, 11 yrs.; Myfanwy (Bugs), 9 yrs.; Garth (Speedy), 8 yrs.; Robin, 7 yrs.; and Gwen, 5 yrs. old. All the children were born in Zambia. I gave up my secular occupation in October 1962 to put my full thoughts to our Lord's last wishes. In February 1963 brother and Sister Fred Liggin, due to illness in the family, had to return to America, and we were asked if we would consider taking over the work they had been doing. This we decided to do and Brother Fred raised some support for us, and we went to Rumpi, in the northern province of Malawi, to the lonely mission settlement. When we decided on this move we only planned on a year's stay, with our thoughts on the children's education, but we remained there until November 1964. This move took us to Ndola, Zambia. We stayed and worked for the Lord in this town for 2 years but our Lord said "Cast not your pearls before swine" and this, coupled together with the heated political situation, made us consider a move once more. After many hours of prayer and thoughtfully considering on an area where people, no matter what the colour of their skin, would be receptive to the truth, we have settled here in Que Que. So let us go back to our reasoning.

In this large area, (Que Que and Gatooma) our plans are to travel approximately 800 miles each month, teaching bible classes, preaching and going about the work of the Lord. Gas is rationed in Rhodesia, due to world sanctions, but being an evangelist I am privileged to a good deal more than most people. The cost of this gas is almost a dollar a gallon and one can purchase off ration gas which increases the price to about $1.25. Our house rent is $90, and then there are medical payments for all the family, school fees for 6 children and all the other expenses a family of 8 have. Yet, with all this expense and the yearning to be able to get out into this area with the fruits of eternal life, whilst it is yet day, we are called upon to manage on $305 monthly. (We may loose another $25 which leaves us with the grand total of $280). Our needs are not exorbitant we feel. $550 will cover our personal support, support of an African preacher-interpreter, work fund, and an office in town as well. May

God give His richest blessings to those individuals and congregations who have in the past and still are sending to us each month. Won't you dear Christians, be it the individual with the widow's mite, or be it a congregation, help supply our needs. Here is an area where the seed is needed, and here is a family who is willing to sacrifice, and to do the sowing, but we need your help. Our bank account is dry, our larder is empty, but our hearts are filled with God's love and an eagerness to do His will.

If you would like to contact Brother Fred Liggin, Jr., at 5121 23rd Ave., N., St. Petersburg, Florida 33710, who knows us personally and also knows our beliefs on what the Good Word teaches, please do so. If you would like to help in this work please make your checks payable to Doug D. Bauer and send directly to P. 0. Box 549, Que Que, Rhodesia, Africa. If you would like more information please do not hesitate to write me.

TRUTH MAGAZINE, XI: 8, pp. 6-7
May 1967