"Dear Brethren"

Alvin O. Raney
Tucumcari, New Mexico

Our liberal brethren, mostly, do not fellowship us as equals. Publicly and privately, they are loath to recognize us as children of God because of our strong stand for the Truth as it is written, and because of our active opposition to their human innovations. They sometimes call us vile names and hint pointedly that we are of the Devil. But there ARE instances and occasions when they DO recognize us, and even call us "dear brethren," or, "dear fellow Christians."

We are included - without discrimination - in every massive mailing of letters begging for funds to feed the insatiable appetites of their institutional monsters. Our money is solicited for everything from missionary work to the purchase of athletic equipment. We are asked to donate money to build church buildings seating 400 for congregations numbering 60, and to support (strictly first-class) preachers to go out into the highways and hedges to corrupt small congregations with a social gospel which will lead people who are already Christian, away from Christ.

We are gently courted by every Publishing house, Book Store and Paper dealer, to buy their wares, from Denominational literature to frivolous gee-r-laws designed to take the minds of Children off the Bible. We are on the sucker list of every Orphanage, Camp, Retreat, Campaign, College, and Insurance Company the "brethren" have dreamed up.

When we stand firm for the ancient Gospel, we are despised as "ANTI's" but when they think there is a possibility of milking us for a few bucks we are "dear brethren." Well, thanks anyway, but if we can't be your dear brethren when feeding upon the inspired Word of God, we just can't work up much enthusiasm to be your "dear brethren" at milking time.

June 1967