I Am Not Defending C. D. Plum

C. D. Plum
Parkersburg, West Virginia

"I am set for the defense of the gospel" (Phil. 1: 17). 1 am not set for the defense of "liberalism and modernism," nor am I set for the defense of Clifton Inman or C. D, Plum. I hope I have made myself clear in this first paragraph.

In the April 1, 1967 Bible Herald brother Clifton Inman pretends to pay me a tribute (?). He called me a "stalwart" preacher. He wants me to think that he thinks that at one time I was a "sturdy, strong, brave, and daring preacher," Well; I have been called much worse by some of my liberal brethren like brother Inman. Some have called me "silly, ignorant, cardinal, anti, and ungodliest hypocrite." Brother Inman even praised me for being a pioneer radio preacher in West Virginia. My, my, I never knew I was so important before. And brethren, do you know something; I do not know it yet.

But I do believe brother Inman thought well of me at one time, for he asked me to make a donation to the Ohio Valley College. He also asked me to consider accepting a place on the Board of Directors of the Ohio Valley College when a vacancy occurred. He even asked me to suggest a president for the OVC, and I did. I suggested Brother Harris J. Dark. I told him brother Dark was a genuine Christian, a faithful preacher, had sufficient education, and was a conservative. That did it. Brother Inman could not stand for brother Dark being a conservative, because brother Inman belongs to the liberal modern group. You know what, brother Inman never suggested brother Dark to the OVC board. He said he forgot it.

Brother Inman charged in this article that, "The WWVA program was supported by having several congregations sending money to the congregation at Wheeling." He wants to leave the inference that C. D. Plum is guilty of having congregations send money to the Wheeling church to support the WWVA program, just like the Herald of Truth is supported, which brother Plum opposes. Now, now, is that nice? Is that a tribute? Standing brother Plum up to knock him down! What a tribute to brother Plum! It Sounds like pretending to me, reads like hypocrisy, and bears the imprint of presumptuous sin (Ps. 19:13). Look out brother Inman! Beware! Thank God you may yet repent!

Note these facts:

(1) The Herald of Truth is a human organization from the HEAD down. There is no scriptural authority (either by precept or example) for church treasury support of a human organization to do the work that God intended the church to do, whether it be evangelism, edification, or benevolence. Yet the Herald of Truth is bleeding the treasuries of the churches of Christ north, east, south, and west. Millions of dollars that could have been used for preaching the gospel and saving souls are being paid out in to those who run this unscriptural, human organization. Brother Inman in trying to classify the WWVA broadcast to the Herald of Truth, because the Herald of Truth is a human organization.

(2) The Church of Christ is a divine organization. But there is no scriptural precept or example for any local church to become a sponsoring church for two (2), two hundred (200), or two thousand (2000) other local churches of Christ. No congregation should turn its work in whole or in part over to a sponsoring congregation. Local churches may each send direct to a preacher's support in a needy field (2 Cor. 11:8; Phil. 4:15-17). Local congregations may each send direct to the elders of another local church when there are more scripturally qualified needy saints than they can care for (Acts 11:27-30). The independency of each local church must be intact, always. The sponsoring church arrangement destroys this. There is no scriptural authority for any local church to send money to another local church, unless the receiving church is in need. And only then as long as the "need" lasts (2 Cor. 8:13-14). Any other arrangement is building on the sand (Matt. 7:24-27).

(3) Now, after the facts stated above in one and two, let us go to the WWVA broadcast from Wheeling, W. Va., where brother Inman pays me the tribute (?) of being a pioneer radio stalwart. He inferred I solicited other congregations to send help to the Wheeling congregation. I reply, WWVA was not a begging broadcast, Wheeling church was not in need, so why should I do so? I do not know what others may have done. My memory (like brother Inman's concerning brother Dark) might be faulty, but at least I am honest about it. However, some checks were received at the WWVA station. To whom written, and by whom written, I could not tell you now if my life depended upon it. All these I turned over to the brethren in Wheeling. This part of the broadcast I regret, and repent of. That was thirty (30) years ago. I was thirty eight (38) instead of sixty-eight (68), and I did not know any better. I had repented of this, and asked God's forgiveness, years before

April 1, 1967; yea, years before brother Inman had forgotten that I had recommended Harris J. Dark for president of Ohio Valley College.

(4) Brother Inman in his article objects both to the Holy Spirit and to me in calling upon brethren to forsake error for truth. The Holy Spirit said it this way: "Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you" (2 Cor. 6:17). Brother Inman, the Lord and the Holy Spirit said this, and if you want to be received by the Lord you better do it. You better read Romans 16:17 again, and obey it. And remember, Paul "separated the disciples," because truth and error do not mix. When about thirty-five (35) members at Marrtown in years past wanted the church to support human institutions from the treasury, and failed to get it accomplished, they left the Marrtown church. Every liberal in Parkersburg rejoiced. Now the liberal complain when I ask them to obey the Lord, the Holy Spirit, and the apostle Paul. Why? Now they think it is awful.

(5) Brother Inman mentioned my son-in-law, Carl W. Parsons, in the article. I rejoice that my son-in-law is now rooted and grounded in the faith, like you ought to be, brother Inman. He can take care of himself as you well know. I read your exchange of letters with him over the issues, and both you and I know that he handled God's truth admirably well. You should follow God's truth which he so clearly and ably taught you brother Inman.

Brother Inman, if you liberal brethren had not organized these human organizations in the FIRST PLACE, and then attached them to the Lord's treasury in the SECOND PLACE, there would have been no trouble in the FIRST PLACE. Unless you repent you may read your condemnation in Galatians 1: 6-9

Maybe, brethren, you wonder why I am not answering brother Inman in the Bible Herald. The truth is he did not invite an answer, much less an answer in the Bible Herald. If Brother Inman wishes to discuss these matters in the Bible Herald, I feel sure there are a number of us who are willing to stand up for Jesus and truth for the sake of lost souls. And if brother Inman wishes to publish this article in the Bible Herald I shall be happy to supply him a copy.

TRUTH MAGAZINE, XI: 9, pp. 7-8
June 1967