Choice of Evils

A. C. Grider
Longview, Texas

The liberal brethren are making "Whoopee" with a story that has this punch line: "I like the way I am doing it better than the way you are NOT doing it!" It seems a critic of the way they were doing things was found doing nothing himself. And so, they are thus justified in continuing an unscriptural practice on that basis. I do not see how intelligent men can use such flimsy reasoning.

The fact that somebody does not do what God wants him to do does not license somebody else to do things contrary to the scriptures.

If scriptural proof could be adduced for a practice, the liberals would produce it instead of relying on that punch line above. In fact, resorting to that is a positive proof that they can not find scripture for their practice.

The main thing wrong with their new found "argument" is that it makes it appear that we must make use of one of two UNSCRIPTURAL practices: First, we must resort to going beyond the doctrine of Christ as the), are doing or we must do nothing as is the case with their "imaginary critic." Thus they think they choose the lesser of two evils

The truth is there are THREE choices in this matter under discussion. We can do as our liberal brethren are doing. We can go beyond the doctrine of Christ and thus have not God. Or we can do as their critic is doing and do nothing. Or we can read the New Testament, respect it, and do exactly what it says in the way it says do it and thus worship God in spirit and in truth.

These brethren hold their people by making them think THEY are doing the work and WE are doing nothing. It is not so! WE are engaged in scriptural work. THEY are engaged in works of iniquity.

We believe and teach that every child of God must do everything the New Testament tells him to do. We believe and teach the congregation must do everything the New Testament tells it to do. They may get by here misrepresenting us but they will have their part in the LAKE!!

June 1967