How Does This Grab YOU?

Luther Blackmon
Bedford, Ohio

In the March 7, 1967 edition of the Plain Dealer (Cleveland newspaper) there was an article about a judge in Phoenix, Arizona who is faced with a decision which I dare say is unique in the history of jurisprudence. He is expected to render a decision, involving a great deal of money, on whether or not man has a soul which leaves the body at death.

An eccentric miner died several years ago leaving a sizeable amount of money. Thirty nine individuals and organizations have applied for $200,000.00 of it to spend in search of some "scientific proof" that man has a "soul that leaves the body at death."

The lawyers representing some of the claimants are saying that if the judge decides that man does have a soul the matter would be settled legally, or, on the other hand, if the judge says a man does not have a soul then there would be no reason to look for it. So there would be no reason in either case to spend all that money. Sounds logical, doesn't it? However, If I were that judge I would either take my vacation right about now or hire me a good lawyer to prove to whomever you would have to prove it to, that this "ain't no matter" to be settled by a judge, legally or otherwise.

If this had happened thirty years ago it would have surprised a lot of people. But this generation has become so 'materialistic it has become "science happy." Science deals with things which have some kind of material existence. Questions concerning the soul of man belong in the realm of the spiritual or philosophical. Just how you would go about photographing or weighing or measuring the soul I am afraid I will have to leave to the wise guys. But I have a timid suggestion for those who would try: Why not start out by 'photographing or weighing or measuring the instinct of a cat? I know that a cat has instinct. I have seen evidence of it but I did not see the instinct. I have also seen evidence of a soul in man. But I never tried to measure it, or photograph it. I have seen some people who I think might try it, but they didn't have any equipment. Besides they were locked up.

August 1967