Truth Magazine Moves to Louisville, Kentucky

Cecil Willis
Marion, Indiana

By the time you receive this issue, TRUTH MAGAZINE will have moved to Louisville, Kentucky. The transition was made about January 1st. There are certain inconveniences anytime a publication changes its address. These inconveniences are compounded considerably when that publication also operates a bookstore. Thus we feel that some reasons for our move need to be stated.

When TRUTH MAGAZINE was moved to Akron, Ohio it was moved there primarily because I then lived there and could see after its operation. The city of Akron served us well as a place for publication for more than five years. But most of us knew when we moved the paper to Akron that the location was not an ideal one. We were further East than we needed to be. But at that time there was little guarantee of the permanence of the paper. Thus we could not look too far ahead in the selection of the ideal location.

A little more than one year ago I moved from Akron to Marion, Indiana. This posed no particular problem to the operation of the paper, since Connie Adams, Luther Blackmon and O. C. Birdwell were still in the Akron area. O. C. Birdwell and his wife Frances have managed the bookstore for us for some time. While they have managed the store, we have had a more efficient operation than we have ever had before. But O. C. has decided to move to Columbia, Tennessee about January 1st. We either had to locate a new bookstore manager in the Akron area or to move.

As long as I have been associated with the paper I have felt that either Indianapolis or Louisville would be a more central location for us. Since the present situation seemed to demand some revamping of our operation, we decided that now would be as good a time as any to make what we hope will be a permanent change of location. From some standpoints, it seemed that Indianapolis would have been the better location. But when every consideration was made, we felt Louisville would be the best site for the location of the paper.

There are about twenty faithful churches in the Louisville area. There are about a dozen in the Indianapolis area. Either, from the standpoint of church members to be served, would have been a good location. But for years many brethren have considered Louisville as a good "paper town." In fact, several papers have considered making it their place of publication. TRUTH MAGAZINE is now doing so.

We hope to expand our bookstore operation. Sister James P. Needham will become the manager of the bookstore. Our new address will be TRUTH MAGAZINE BOOKSTORE, Box 14182, Louisville, Kentucky 40214. In the event you need to call in an order, - or need to call us about some order you have placed, you may reach Sister Needham at Telephone No. 502-366-0884.

The business which comes to the bookstore helps considerably in publishing TRUTH MAGAZINE. Any profits realized by the bookstore go into circulating the paper, or into tracts and booklets. We have been limited considerably as to publication resources. But we think we now can do more publishing than we have in the past. We hope to make some new tracts and booklets available right away. About half a dozen are on order with the printer now. They should be ready by the time this issue is in your hands.

Please continue to patronize TRUTH MAGAZINE BOOKSTORE. We promise to provide you the best customer service that it is within our power to provide. The success of the paper and the bookstore is dependent entirely upon you, our customers. Any assistance you can render by helping to circulate the paper or referring business to our bookstore will be appreciated most sincerely. None of the associate editors, the editor, or the writers receive any compensation for their work done on TRUTH MAGAZINE. We are interested in the work being done in TRUTH MAGAZINE. We hope you will share our interest and our efforts.

January 1968