Still Not Defending C. D. Plum

C. D. Plum
Parkersburg, West Virginia

In the April 1, 1967 Bible Herald brother Inman tried to cripple my work and influence as a preacher with a pretended tribute. But the attempt was not too successful. Neither my voice nor my typewriter has been stilled. God overruled, and gave me a busy year. I replied through Truth Magazine and Moundsville Reminders in June 1967, under the heading: "I AM NOT DEFENDING C. D. PLUM." But brother Clifton Inman is not content to drop the matter.

More recently, August 1, 1967, in the Bible Herald, brother Inman tries to destroy me again with the same pretended tribute. He has the advantage of me in that he makes these attacks in his Bible Herald, and he knows I do not get his Bible Herald. So, his attacks occur without my knowledge, and it is weeks, and sometimes months, before the news gets to me through other sources, hence my delay in answering. I am making my reply this time under the heading: "STILL NOT DEFENDING C. D. PLUM." I would like to answer through the Bible Herald, but I have not as yet been accorded this courtesy by brother Inman.

Brother Inman charged in his so-called tribute, April 1, 1967, in Bible Herald that, "The WWVA program from Wheeling, W. Va., was supported by having several congregations send money to the congregation at Wheeling." In his August 1, 1967 attack he tries to prove by me that this is the way it was done. He reprints two reports I made through the Gospel Advocate about the WWVA broadcast, dated Feb. 17, 1938 (near 30 years ago) and Feb. 23, 1939 (near 29 years ago). But these reports do not prove what brother Inman claims they do. He reads something into them that was not written. If he reads God's Bible as carelessly as he reads C. D. Plum's reports, it is no wonder he is so far gone in his liberalism and modernism.

Brother Inman seems determined to finish me off while he is playing my friend. And he vainly imagines he is getting away with it. But brethren see through it, and have told me so, and have written me so. I want you, brother Inman, to find in my Gospel Advocate reports where I said, "Send money to the congregation at Wheeling." I did not say it brother Inman, and you know I did not say it. Regardless of what I know or did not know about the truth then, thirty (30) years ago, (and I freely admit I did not know as much truth then as I know now) still the fact remains, I did not say in those reports "Send money to the congregation at Wheeling." You read that into it yourself. In my first report, I wrote, "Address me soon at 47 Kentucky Street, Wheeling, W. Va." In my second report, I wrote, "Address me at 149 Twenty First Street, Warwood, W. Va." NOT address to, or send to, the congregation at Wheeling. Now, brother Inman, be the honest man that I always thought you were, and admit you were mistaken.

In your second attack you made on me, you say of my reports to the Gospel Advocate, "Let the record speak for itself without comment." I wish you had of done so brother Inman. If you had of done so, you would not now be in the mess you are in. The "record" does not say, "Send to the congregation at Wheeling." You say, "Without comment." Yet in your first attack you had already commented erroneously. How inconsistent can you get brother Inman?

Cannot congregations and individuals send money for a radio program without sending it "to," and running it "through" a sponsoring congregation treasury? During some of this WWVA broadcast (once a month, I think it was) the good church at 210 Cedar Avenue, Moundsville, W. Va. with its own preacher, and own singers "put on" and "paid for" its own live broadcast.

I admitted in My June reply through Truth Magazine, and Moundsville Reminders the following, and I quote: "However, some checks were received at the WWVA station. To whom written, and by whom written, I could not tell you now if my life depended on it. All these I turned over to the brethren in Wheeling. This part of the program I regret, and repented of. That was thirty years ago. I was thirty eight (38) instead of sixty eight (68) and I did not know any better. I had repented of this, and asked God's forgiveness years before April 1, 1967; yea, years before brother Inman had forgotten that I had recommended Brother Harris J. Dark for president of Ohio Valley College."

In this reply I wish to honestly and sincerely make a further statement. My memory is good, but it is not good enough to remember all I spoke and wrote near thirty (30) years ago. And God's Holy Spirit does not in this day bring things back to our memory as it did for the apostles (Jno. 14:26). Were I making these reports to the Gospel Advocate today they would be made better, because I understand God's truth better. But, even so, brother Inman errs greatly in trying to say these reports say something they simply do not say, and of this sin I hope brother Inman will repent. I love brother Inman. He could be a useful man for the Lord, if he would just let God's word speak for itself, without making erroneous comments, trying to justify his and other's departures from God's truth.

As for me, I want to be right. I want to go to heaven. I shall continue to refuse to follow the liberal, modern, institutional trend which is leading many congregations and individuals (including brother Inman) away from God's word. I am more interested in saving my soul than in saving my face. The following truth is as true now as it was in my first reply to brother Inman. I quote: "Brother Inman, if you liberal brethren had not organized those human organizations in the FIRST PLACE, and then attached them to the Lord's treasury in the SECOND PLACE, there would have been no trouble in the FIRST PLACE." And this goes for the Herald of Truth, homes, colleges, and any other human organizations that are supported from the church treasury (Gal. 1: 6-9).

If those in error do not repent, they may read the condemnation for such in Galatians 1: 6-9. Written in love, moistened with tears, and dedicated with a prayer, that all in error may wake up. If people will walk a mile for a camel, they should be willing to drive a number of miles to worship and work for the Lord in harmony with his word. Marrtown church is progressing in God's truth. Brother Everett Shoaf has been faithfully preaching the word here. We do not believe in or practice church treasury support for Herald of Truth, homes, colleges, recreation, or any other human organization. It takes more than lip-rightness to get us to heaven (Read Jas. 4:17).

January 1968