Bob Witherington
Louisville, Kentucky

New words continue to be coined to describe activities of brethren. These words have to be new because said activities are new - at least, they are new to the Bible. One of these is "workshop." Anyone know what a workshop is? Yes, I've worked in shops, and I've shopped where people work, but I've never read about a local church in the New Testament conducting "workshops" in "strategic areas" across the country so as to line up the brotherhood behind the work sponsored for the brotherhood by a single church.

Today, Nov. 15, 1966, is advertised as "A POWER-FULL DAY" by the "church of Christ" in Covington, Ky. Perhaps it will be -POWER-FULL" because of the "dynamic" speakers "of proven success in mass evangelization" who are scheduled to be in the program. This workshop is a "Herald of Truth Workshop."

Now, I believe the truth. It makes men "free" (Jno. 8:32). 1 believe in heralding the truth (Mk. 16:16). But I don't believe in one eldership conniving to fleece the brotherhood of $2,000,000.00 that it may do a work of brotherhood proportions.

Elders were appointed in each local church (Acts 14:23). Their oversight was to the "flock" over which they were made "overseers" (Acts 20:28). Peter admonished, saying, "Feed the flock of God which is among you . . . . .. (I Pet. 5:2). The oversight of a work must be of the same scope as the work. But God did not provide for any brotherhood overseers in His plan. If one church can send part of its funds to another church that its overseers, may oversee the spending of part of its funds, then it by the same principle can send all of its funds that the same men can oversee the spending of the whole. Furthermore, if one eldership can delegate part of their work to another eldership, then it can delegate all of its work. In addition, if one church can become a sponsoring church through which some of the churches may work, then the same church can become a sponsoring church through which all of the churches may work. If not, why not?

This is simply another means whereby more churches may become more committed to support the work sponsored by one church. It leads to Rome by way of Covington and Abilene, and is no more scriptural than is sprinkling for baptism. If what I've opposed herein is Scriptural, then would someone be a friend and send me chapter and verse? Brethren, there is a Scriptural way to do everything that is Scriptural, but it is impossible to do a Scriptural work through arrangements that are Unscriptural. Let's follow the safe course.

January 1968