Did the Lord Make a Mistake?

Luther Blackmon
Bedford, Ohio

Some of us are so "area wide" and "brotherhood wide" conscious that a local church doing its own work and minding its own business is a I In o s t heretical, The Red Bluff church in Pasadena, Texas where I formerly preached is spending about $30,000.00 or $35,000.00 a year preaching the gospel besides the support of their local preacher, John Iverson. But they are a "do nothing," "anti" church. If they would stop all the outside work they are doing and send $100.00 a month to Herald of Truth they would be a "church on fire for the Lord" and Iverson would be a "dynamic" preacher. And don't anybody look me in the eye and tell me this isn't so." "I VAS DERE CHARLIE."

February 1968