Along the U.S.-Mexico Border, A Report

Charles F. House
Douglas, Arizona

By devoting part time since 1954, and full time since 1960, by the grace of a merciful God, and the cooperation of faithful brethren in Mexico itself, I have had a part in planting and watering Spanish speaking churches standing for the truth, along this far western U.S... MEXICO border ' This could not have been done without your faithful, regular, support, and prayers.

Thanks unto God, there are now faithful Spanish speaking churches at TIJUANA; TECATE; VALLE DE LAS PALMAS; EL PORVENIR; MEXICALI; ALL in the border state of Baja California OLD MEXICO; plus SAN LUIS RIO COLORADO; and SONOYTA, both in the Mexican state of SONORA, along the USA border state of ARIZONA. There are 10 faithful evangelists working along this far western U. S.MEXICO border. EIGHT of them are fully supported by USA churches and brethren throughout the nation. In addition, there are young men being prepared by the TECATE and SAN LUIS churches to assume evangelistic work in the not too distant future.

Marvel (my beloved wife and helper in the Gospel) teaches women and children. She and I moved to southwestern Arizona in the fall of 1961 from Tecate, California. We have used SAN LUIS, ARIZONA, USA, as our headquarters and base for many years, as we went out with the Gospel. It has been centrally located geographically. In addition to 10 Spanish speaking evangelists working along this far western U. S.-MEXICO border, SONOYTA and SAN LUIS have their own buildings (fully paid for). TECATE lacks a few hundred dollars for materials before their own building can be completed and "nationalized." Of the TEN border towns in Mexico between the Pacific Ocean and El Paso, Texas to be evangelized, in the over all, long range planning, SIX have been, and are presently being evangelized. The FOUR remaining towns are SASABEE; NACO; AGUA PRIETA and PALOMAS, all in Mexico.

By the time this report appears in print, I -will have already moved to Douglas, Arizona. Here I have planned to set up my quarters to help me finish evangelizing the remaining four towns along this far western U.S. MEXICO border. Time wise, and based on past experience, I have estimated that PALOMAS, AGUA PRIETA, NACO and SASABEE (all in Old Mexico) can be evangelized in 7 to 10 years, if God, by His grace, will give me those years. I greatly need your prayers, good will, and support.

As has been my custom since the beginning, I will keep those of you who are interested, fully informed of progress and developments of my work. Please feel free to write and ask any questions you may have Pray earnestly for me brethren, that God will give me health and wisdom to do His Will in ALL things.

Faithful Mexican preachers with whom I work along this far western U. S. - MEXICO border who are worthy of your confidence and support are as follows: MELQUIADES DOMINGUEZ, SANTOS GOMEZ, ANDRES GUTIERREZ, LUIS TREVINO. DAVID ARELLANO, APOLINAR FRANCO, JOSE PONCE, ALEJANDRO HERNANDEZ, and FILIBERTO JIMENEZ. Every one of these men receives his support DIRECT, as the New Testament so clearly teaches. Every one of the faithful churches at TIJUANA, TECATE, VALLE DE LAS PALMAS, EL PORVENIR, MEXICALI. SAN LUIS and SONOYTA, cooperate one with the other in preaching the blessed Gospel of Christ, but with no organization between them except the local church itself. if interested in having a part in this great work please write one or more of the above listed churches and/or preachers for more details. Those of you with whom I exchange bulletins, please note my new address.

February 1968