We Are Sons and Servants but Not Witnesses

Leslie Diestelkamp
Yaba, Nigeria

There seems to be a growing tendency among some brethren to imitate the speech of the world and to declare that we are witnesses for Christ. Quite frequently now we hear or read of some preacher urging Christians to "Go out and witness for Christ." One radio program operated by members of the Lords church is called, "Witness to West Africa."

But it is impossible! A witness must have seen and heard. No one living today has seen Christ or heard him.

The Apostles were told to be witnesses for Christ (Ac. 1:8). They could do this very well, for they had been with ' him and had even seen him after his resurrection. They did their task completely, giving us the full benefit of their testimony in the inspired New Testament (I Cor. 2:13; Gal. 1: 144 12; 2 Tim. 3:16, 17).

On -one occasion Peter said, "We cannot, but speak the things which we have seen and heard" (Ac. 4:20). The Holy Spirit brought to their minds a perfect memory of what they had seen and heard, and then the Holy Spirit completely guided them in recording this testimony for our benefit. But today each Christian must simply repeat the same testimony. To do this does not make us witnesses at all but we are only stewards of the testimony of those witnesses.

Each Christian is a child of God (Jn. 1: 12; Gal. 3:26). He may also be called a servant of God, for any faithful child will serve his father. So every Christian will faithfully serve his own Heavenly Father (Rom. 6:18; Heb. 12:28; 2 Tim. 1:3; Ac. 27:23).

So, let us diligently serve God as true children, and let us not try to usurp the place of witnesses.

March 1968