Wm. E. Wallace Resigns

Cecil Willis

On another page in this issue you will find a letter from William Wallace in which he resigns his positions with TRUTH MAGAZINE in order that he might become a fulltime employee of the GOSPEL GUARDIAN Company. It is with sincerest regret that his resignations are accepted.

About six years ago William Wallace and I joined hands to continue the publication of TRUTH MAGAZINE, after its former publishers had stated their desire for someone else to operate it. Had it not been for the courage and the prodding of William Wallace, I would not have had the initiative to have undertaken such an endeavor. Wallace suggested that in the beginning he attend to the mechanics of publishing the paper and that I work on editorial projects. Actually, we both ended up working in both areas.

One could not ask for a more pleasant co-laborer than Bill Wallace. Some of my most pleasant days were spent as he and I traveled together or worked on various matters that pertained to the activities of TRUTH MAGAZINE. I have the very highest regard for him. My only problem with Bill Wallace has been that I have had great difficulty keeping from being envious of his tremendous intellectual and writing ability. He often would complete a project while I was trying to figure out just how to go about it. Several times when we were short an article for an issue, he would w-rite one while I was trying to decide upon a topic.

Those of us connected with TRUTH MAGAZINE wish both Bill and the GOSPEL GUARDIAN every success. The GUARDIAN is a good paper and has tremendous potential as a weekly. William will be a substantial contribution to its effort. There will still be opportunities to collaborate with William on some projects. For example, he has agreed to write an article for our October "Special Issue." We will appreciate receiving other articles from him on a contributorial basis.

As badly as I hate to lose Bill as one of our Associate Editors, I still think that he has done the proper thing in resigning. It is obvious that he now will have but little time to devote to the promotion of TRUTH MAGAZINE. Yater Tant probably would fire him if he spent much time promoting it!

Our staff is not a large one. We need every person who is a part of the TRUTH MAGAZINE staff to be active. When a man becomes inactive or sees that he will have to become inactive, he ought to resign his position. Too many papers become loaded down with Staff Writers and Associate Editors who do nothing. I suppose if such people do not resign, Editors ought to have enough backbone to ask them to do so, but Editors seldom ask for a resignation.

So I appreciate the fact that Bill had the candor to resign his position on our staff, since he can no longer be very active. Bill will be moving to Lufkin, Texas, from which he will work, in June. You may follow his writings in the GOSPEL GUARDIAN, and in his own paper called TORCH. Occasionally, as he has extra time, you will see pieces from him in TRUTH MAGAZINE. I shall ever be grateful to him for what he has done to help in publishing TRUTH MAGAZINE, and shall remember with fondness the days and nights we have worked together. As Wallace departs, TRUTH MAGAZINE loses and the GOSPEL GUARDIAN gains a topnotch man.

May 1968