A Letter From William Wallace

March 8, 1968

Cecil Willis
Marion, Indiana

Dear Cecil,

Inasmuch as I will soon enter an employment relationship with The Gospel Guardian Company I do not feel I can do justice to the responsibilities and honors inherent in my ties with Truth Magazine. I tender my resignation from the associate editorship and relinquish my position as co-owner of Truth Magazine. This is to be also taken as a resignation from Truth Magazine, Incorporated.

It has been most pleasant, gratifying and rewarding to work with you in the publication of Truth Magazine the last six years. You will recall that it was in the spring of 1962 that we agreed to accept the responsibilities of publishing Truth Magazine. It was a pleasant experience to see Truth Magazine mushroom in circulation and expand in influence under your leadership. I am proud to have been part of the team serving with you to make of Truth Magazine a major influence in the brotherhood. The accomplishments of the paper have gone beyond my original expectations and I am confident Truth Magazine is here to stay and will continue to excel in influence and noble results.

I will be happy to contribute articles occasionally for publication in Truth Magazine, but I feel that my responsibilities to The Gospel Guardian will not enable me to give to Truth Magazine the time, service and support due from every associate editor.

Thank you very much, Cecil, for the encouragement, understanding, good-will and fellowship you have extended to me in our work together the past six years. I'll be looking forward to more such fellowship as our paths meet here and there in common causes.

May I request, mention of the fact that readers of Truth Magazine may follow my work in the pages of The Gospel Guardian?

Thank you.

May 1968