Steam-Roller Tactics

Cecil Willis

A few of our brethren who have helped to promote liberalism for fifteen or twenty years are now giving the matter second thoughts. They are destined to suffer the same grieves as those suffered by J. B. Briney, J. A. Lord, J. W. McGarvey and others in the past century who helped promote liberalism only to turn later and oppose it. These men will all have to be ground into the earth by the liberalism which they helped to spawn and promote.

The spiritual grand-daddy of our generation of liberals is the Disciples of Christ. A little over a year ago the Disciples of Christ had a meeting in Dallas to re-structure their denomination. They had some opposition to restructure. How was this opposition dealt with? Dr. Blakemore said, "What we cannot do is discuss with the man who says that he belongs to a communion which has no structure (or as he says, superstructure) beyond the local congregation."

The outcome of the convention had been determined before it even began. The "mossbacks" contending for congregationalism had to be given some semblance of an opportunity to be heard, and then ignored. An irritated CHRISTIAN STANDARD writer said, "The opposition to restructure had only three speakers with three minutes each and one of these was silenced by switching off the microphone in the middle of his talk." (April 8, 1967).

Such are the steam-roller tactics now being employed by our generation of liberals. They are prepared to run right over anybody that gets in their way, whether it is Reuel Lemmons, Roy Lanier, Ira Rice, or some other. These brethren helped to spawn the monster of liberalism, and now will be consumed by their off-spring, should they open their mouth to oppose him. Watch and see if you doubt this observation. Or study your history books to see what happened to McGarvey, Lard, Russelll Erret, Briney and others who later sought to control the madly running steam-roller of liberalism.

June 1968