A Few Words about Truth Magazine

Earl Robertson
Dayton, Ohio

TRUTH -MAGAZINE has now been published nearly twelve years and we think it has rendered a very good service. Its mechanical make-up and the quality of the paper on which it is printed are about the best. We hear this from all sections of the country. The paper is published once each month and sells for $3.00 per year. We think the quality of the material sent by different men is as good as can be found anywhere. There are twenty eight pages in each issue! The cover is always in color. We would like for YOU TO SUBSCRIBE TODAY if you are not now a regular reader! If you are already reading the paper, what about trying to get a twenty-five subscription list? You can get 25 copies sent directly to each home for only $5.00 per month! Many are doing this by different ones contributing to it. Please see what you can do about this at your earliest convenience. Just send names and addresses with zip codes.

There are many advantages to reading TRUTH MAGAZINE. It gives you a good steady diet of Bible lessons regularly. It has a section of news among the churches. It keeps you abreast with the departures from New Testament teaching among many today. It gives you a listing of faithful churches throughout the country. These are very nice ads and sell for $3.00 per month. We think they pay for themselves many fold. Visitors are often found because of these ads. If interested in this service, contact TRUTH MAGAZINE office.

We now have forty-two tracts of our own. About any scriptural subject desired can be purchased from us. These tracts and booklets are of good quality in both make-up and contents.

TRUTH MAGAZINE has just published the Willis-Inman Debate. The debate was conducted in Parkersburg, W. Va. in September 1966, and is a 242 page book. Much material in this volume cannot be found any where else. It sells for $4.00 per copy. It covers the institutional issue. It should be in every home of members of the body of Christ!

Our new Catalogue has just recently come from the press! Order your free copy today by writing the office.

We handle a complete line of Bible class materials, communion ware, chairs, etc. We would sincerely appreciate whatever business you could do with us. We assure prompt service in filling your orders.

A NEW ADDRESS! We have moved to Louisville, Kentucky. Sister James P. Needham works full-time filling the orders. All mail should be sent to TRUTH MAGAZINE BOOK STORE, P. 0. Box 14182, Louisville, Kentucky 40214.

Help us to help others through subscriptions to Truth Magazine! Do it today!

Thank you sincerely.

July 1968