Sioux City, Iowa

Frank Driver
Fort Collins, Colorado

Many readers will associate me with the church in Sioux City, where we lived for seven years before moving here in 1961.

When we moved to Sioux City, we found brethren there who occupied varied positions on current issues, but were fortunate to help keep the cause of truth predominating. For our meetings we had such brethren as Foy Vinson, Bill Cavender, Yater Tant, Jady Copeland, Leslie Diestelkamp and others who helped greatly to strengthen our work there.

Because of unfortunate and tragic internal disorder, the church fell into the control of liberals. A few faithful continued to meet with them, but finally realized their only scriptural course was to leave and form their own congregation.

These brethren now consist of four or five families, and about fifteen or twenty members, and have been fortunate to secure a church building they are renting. They have accomplished all this, and are carrying on their own work, teaching and preaching, by themselves, and without any outside help or advice.

But these brethren must have help. They need preachers for meetings, they need one to move there, well supported, to work, with them and help them grow. It is true that much has been expended in Sioux City in the past, but the faithful have emerged from a few years of adversity, and are now entirely free of the liberal influence that has hindered them in the past, and now present an unusual opportunity to conserve the efforts of the past in the interest of truth.

Any further inquiries may be addressed to Glen H. Meyer, Route 2, Bancroft, Nebraska 68004.

July 1968