Going to Nigeria

James E. Link
Kirkland, Washington

The Lord willing, my family and I will be going to Nigeria about September 1st. Since making the decision to go in February, much has transpired. I have taken all the necessary steps for myself and my family to be ready to go at that time.

Nowhere in this present day of ours is there a place so ready to receive the gospel! Nowhere are there so many "babes in Christ" that need to be taught! What would we give as ministers of Christ to be able to go out and preach on street corners: here in America and draw crowds of 50 to 350 persons who have never heard the gospel? My brethren, that land is indeed "white unto harvest."

This is our second appeal to the brotherhood. Our financial needs are still great. We will need for 2 years in that country: $650.00 personal support, plus $6,000.00 work and travel funds. Following is a report of our progress to date:

Personal Support

Church of Christ, Kirkland, Wash. 65.00

Church of Christ, Port Arthur, Tex.175.00

Anonymous No. 1 -------------- ----------------- 40.00

Church of Christ, Shelbyville, Ind. 25.00 (they have indicated that they prefer this to go to our work fund the 2 years we are in Nigeria)

Work and Travel Fund:

Church of Christ, Beaverton, Ore. $ 50.00

Church of Christ, Dallas, Ore $ 50.00

Church of Christ, Bremerton, Wash. $200.00

Church of Christ, Sunnyside, Wash. $300.00

Church of Christ, Bald Knob, Ark. $100.00

Anonymous No. 1 $ 65.00

Anonymous No. 2 $100.00

Al and Darlene Craig,

Silver Lake, Wash - $100.00

Albertine Gandy, Apple Valley, Tex. $ 15.00

Members at Payette, Idaho $ 40.00

Total $1020.00

As you can see from this report we are far from achieving our goal. Brethren, if the church where you worship has funds for preaching the gospel I know of no place where it could be better spent. Individuals, if you have money you wish to donate, I am sure that you could not find a more worthy cause. It is needful for us to go as soon as possible. We need a church or churches to take care of our remaining personal support. If you feel you cannot help in this way, perhaps you could in our work and travel fund. There are three ways in which you can help in this: (1) send us a lump sum - small or large. (2) Send us a regular amount each month while we are in Nigeria. (3) Send us a monthly contribution each month from now until we leave in September. All contributions will be properly acknowledged. We do pray that you will help in some way.

It has come to our ears that is possible that the liberals will be starting a school in Lagos this fall. Brethren, this disturbs me much. In view of this we need to be on the field as soon as possible. There are two other families that will be going to work there this summer, the Thomas Honea's of Kirkland, Washington, and the George Pennocks of Owensboro, Kentucky. They are now ready to go financially. The brethren now on the field there have just finished a two weeks lectureship in which the Nigerian brethren were taught of the liberalism that is about to befall them. We have word that this disturbed the liberal brethren much. If we can get the four families on the field there this summer, we pray that we will be able to delay the liberals, at least for awhile until we have had opportunity to further educate the Nigerian brethren. We feel that much can be accomplished. We will go. Will you help to send us?

I have sent out over 500 letters all over the U. S. Some have helped, some have indicated that they are unable to do so, but the most of them have said nothing. Brethren, I beg you to give this your immediate attention, and consider the work in Nigeria. Our time of departure is fast coming and our needs are still great.

Again I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have helped us in this good work. The Lord will reward you richly, I am sure.

Pray for us that we will soon be on the field in the work of our Lord. I will be waiting to hear from you.

TRUTH MAGAZINE, XII: 11, pp. 11-12
August 1968