"'Doctors Cannot Heal"

C. D. Plum
Parkersburg, West Virginia

Before you read this article, let me admonish you as follows:

Think, please, before you rave,

And think of me as being naive.

Since what I write is "written",

By it you'll not be


But trouble starts

from those who go,

To teaching things

that are not so.

Any scripture misapplied,

Is as wrong as truth denied.

Doctor Crane

Dr. Crane - of newspaper fame - believes my heading to this article. Dr. Crane believes in God. Dr. Crane is not an atheist. Those who know Bible teaching, cannot, of course, believe everything Dr. Crane believes in religion, because some of it is just not so. But we can appreciate the fact that he does believe in God, even as all doctors should.

"Only God Heals"

Doctor Crane has made three statements that are worthy of note:

1) "Only God heals."

2) "Man is not God."

3) "Doctors cannot heal."

I believe in these three statements that Dr. Crane is right. Now, now, brethren, please be calm. I AM NOT AN UPCOMING ORAL ROBERTS, or any other of these so-called healers. I do not believe in them. They are fakes. I am not teaching something new, and false.

Two Kinds of Healing

1) Spiritual healing.

2) Physical healing.

1. By spiritual healing I refer to man being cured (healed) of his alien sins (sins before baptism), or being cured (healed) of his sins as children of God (sins after baptism), which ever applies. God and Jesus cure or heal, in sin sickness, all those who take the spiritual medicine, the word of God. Taking the Lord's medicine for sin is simply obedience. "He is the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey him" (Heb. 5:9).

That is why aliens must take a dose of faith (Heb. 11:6), must take a dose of repentance of sins (Lu. 13:3), must take a dose of confessing Jesus to be God's Son (Matt. 10:32-33; Acts 8:36-37), and must take a dose of being buried in baptism for the remission of sins (Col. 2:12; Acts 2:38; Acts 22:16; Mk. 16:15-16; 1 Pet. 3:21), in order to be cured, saved, healed of alien sins.

And that is also why erring children of God also have to take the Lord's spiritual medicine. They must take a dose of repentance (Acts 8:22), a dose of confessing sins (I Jno. 1:9), and a dose of prayer (Acts 8:22), in order for them to be healed or saved. Co-operation of both alien sinners and erring children of God with the Great Physician is essential in sin healing. And remember, the Lord prescribes the medicine and sinners of each group must take it. "AND THAT IS HOW IT IS!"

2. By physical healing, I mean man being cured of physical illness whether it is stomach, brain, liver, etc. Brother Plum, do you say, were you ever sick, ever cured physically by a doctor, a surgeon? I have been sick all right. Surgeons have worked on me all right. And in my three score years plus I have taken gallons of pills, powders, and liquids combined as medicine. But no doctor ever cured me or physically healed me. No sir!

Why Not?

Because all healing is DIVINE (IS OF GOD). It always was. It always will be. And this regardless of whether it be spiritual healing or physical.

All will readily admit that spiritual healing is of God, therefore divine, even though man must take spiritual medicine. So we should as readily admit that physical healing is of God, therefore divine, even though man must take medicine, accept surgery, or advice.

Two Kinds of Physical Healing

At one time physical healing was of two kinds, namely:

1. Miraculous Divine Healing

2. Natural Divine Healing.

No more do we have miraculous divine healing, that is, instantaneous healing, on the spot healing. It is gone, brethren. All men like Oral Roberts are fakes today. Miraculous divine healing belonged to the miracle age of the church. But when the apostles died, and those upon whom they laid their hands died, and when the complete revelation of God's will was made known, this miraculous age of the church ceased. Yes, the super, the miraculous age is gone (I Co. 13:8-10). God is not healing that way anymore.

But God does heal today, with natural divine healing. God today uses man as he uses medicine, both as healing agents, in harmony with his divine natural law. There can be no healing of any kind without God.


1. God made man (Gen. 2:7). If no God, then no man in the first place; therefore no agent of healing, and no one to be healed.

2. God endowed man with ability to learn his natural divine law concerning physical healing. No God, no man, no learning.

3. God created everything from which medicine is made. No God, no man, no learning, no ingredients from which to make medicine. God even made the mind, the body, and the hands that perform delicate surgery. God, not man, heals today thru the above agencies, in harmony with his natural law. And God is divine!

TRUTH MAGAZINE, XII: 12, pp. 17-18
September 1968