Oral Roberts in Kenya -- No Contest!

Dudley R. Spears
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Journal ran a news item about "Oral Roberts Crusade in Kenya in Africa." The report shows that Roberts was challenged by a Moslem leader named Maulana A-Sharma to "pray to almighty God for a sign as to which is the true religion in front of him." Roberts has not replied to the challenge at all. His "crusade" was dubbed, "Expect a Miracle." The news report also states, "No One came forward to Roberts Wednesday and claimed to have been cured." If he expected a miracle, he was disappointed.

The disappointment may have been due to the honesty of the African people and the gullibility of American people. Perhaps the near primitive people of Africa are not as easily swayed by the fake sorcery and chicanery of Roberts and his kind. It is quite evident that Roberts cannot and will not demonstrate his absurd claims that God works through him in the healing of the diseased and infirm today. He would have had nothing to lose, for neither could the Mohammedan faker perform miracles. Both are fake-healers -- not "faith healers."

One is reminded of a scene which occurred hundreds of years ago on old Mount Carmel. Elijah, the prophet, called on the prophets of Baal for a "contest" -- a "Battle of Miracles." Even the false prophets of Baal had more integrity and courage than Roberts demonstrated in Kenya. They at least took Elijah up on his challenge. Someone has reported that Roberts' staff did reply that they were not interested in "side-shows." Even the false prophets of Baal did not use such a lame excuse. The fact is that Roberts can never meet anyone who challenges him to prove his claim that God heals through him. His weakness and fakery are both exposed.

God does not heal today as He did in New Testament times. God heals, through natural means, not through supernatural intervention. Miracles of healing were designed to produce faith and reliance in the preaching of inspired men of the New Testament era. Roberts is simply a religious fraud, and an apparent opportunist as evidenced by his switch from the Pentecostal Holiness to the Methodist Denomination. It is like jumping from the frying pan into the fire, with the exception that one pan is a little larger and more polished than the other.

November 1968