To You Brethren Everywhere Fresh Opportunity Appears!

Ikare-Akoko, Nigeria

God is all wise! In war or peace, He understands better than man. He does His work according to His own will. He sits in Heaven; His eyes behold all things.

We fervently pray unto God, to allow peace to come and live in Nigeria again and forever. For some time, war has claimed many lives in Nigeria. The cause of Christ was forced to stop in some parts of Nigeria. But right now, there is a great and fresh opportunity for the Cause of Christ in Nigeria as a whole. Many souls dearly want God in them. So that the opportunity to learn the simple plan of salvation has a great advantage. The progress the brethren are making today, despite the war depressions, is a sure sign of possible success in winning repenting souls. Many congregations are getting started. 'Some of the old ones may be sure victims to the devil, failing to see better. When the fold is purified, it should strengthen us.

If a man is saved today spiritually, and dies physically tomorrow, he has not lost anything (Lk. 12:5). I humbly appeal to all lovers of souls everywhere not to be discouraged even at this hour when the Lord Himself is encouraging us by His goodness and severity. Death is something bad for the unbeliever and the unsaved, but those who have hope of heaven, through obedience, have confidence after death (Rev. 14:13). The loved ones, having spiritually understood the course, quickly comfort their own hearts.

The work presently needs our personal courage, life, money, and time, realizing the hopes of us, and those that by our effort shall become saved. The work needs teams of touring evangelistic proclamations of the Truth that would cover a year or two. The work needs more monetary sacrifice for those who would like to be sent out. The work will cause the Lord to gain greater numbers of the hearts of people. The work will point out the evils of denominationalism. Division brings war, hatred, jealousy, etc. Finally denominations have no room in Heaven since God Himself is only ONE. The work will show the one way that leads to eternity. All your messengers will hold the message for the people (The Bible, New Testament). This is a strategic point to stamp out denominations once and for all in Nigeria.

If we want to pursue the course, let a greater number of the American brethren entrust unto Christ their lives and thus COME. Let those who cannot come send those who can come with prayers and. money for their welfare and work here. Let the Nigerian members join in the cause of the good work. Let some greater effort be put to winning Nigeria for the Lord. This can be done if by faith we work and pray and reason more with the people.

While we yet live, let us do greater work for the-heavenly cause (2 Pet. 1:5-6). No one will deny the fruitfulness of Nigeria. I will boldly say that poverty has tightened many willing souls to the loosing way and perhaps with a little calling back, the people may realize that poverty here on Earth means nothing compared with heavenly gains and riches or "what shall a man profit by gaining the world and losing his own soul."

American brethren have spent millions of dollars to buy back souls for Christ in Nigeria in several years gone by. Today such great efforts can be crowned by God, with whom and for whom we labor, with prayers and more plans of progressive work that our coming generations may know nothing again of denominationalism in religion towards God above, if the end is not yet.

The church's prime work is to save souls, not money, property, or other wealth. The course of Liberalism in religion has no room in Heaven. Obedience is better than sacrifice. Christ is the fullness of all things. Seek first the kingdom of God, and all other things shall be added unto you. Receiving the blessing is God's own turn, to share by will, not for any man to decide for Him. Nigeria is calling today. Those who believe in the material gains of life are worse than infidels. Nigerians help yourselves; brethren elsewhere help buy for the Lord the remaining souls if possible. Plan today for greater work! Your labors will not be in vain.

February 1969