The Willis-Inman Debate

Connie W. Adams
Akron, Ohio

There have been a number of good debates conducted the past several years on the subjects of church cooperation and institutionalism. Some of these are in print for wider use. Sometimes a preacher, or others who have their own library, learns of another debate in print on these issues and reasons that he does not need this one, because he already has two or three on that subject. Each debate is different and has its own peculiar developments.


It has been my privilege to attend a number of debates on these subjects. Others I have read, or listened to tapes containing the debates. But it is my judgment that The Willis-Inman Debate conducted in Parkersburg, W. Va. in September, 1966, is one of the most valuable in print.

(1) The Participants were as representative in the Northern part of the country as could be found. Both edit papers of wide influence and circulate among brethren on a wide scale. It was a pleasant and brotherly discussion.

(2) The distinguishing feature of this debate, setting it apart from all others which I have heard or read, is the overwhelming array of evidence presented by Brother Willis to show that Herald of Truth is~ not even expedient. This is the place defenders of the practice must build their case. If it is not even expedient, then they have no case. You do not have a debate in print in your ' library which is so strong and compelling 'on this point. Others have ably dealt with other phases of the subject and have touched on this point effectively, but it remained for Brother Willis to so completely expose their claim of expediency.

(3) There are 36 different charts in the book, just as they were used in the debate. Some of these you do not have in other debates in print. These are worth the price of the book.

March 1969