Buy the Beans and Bacon

The proof text has finally been found...

Floyd Chappelear
Hazelwood, Missouri

For years the poor liberal preacher has been burning the midnight oil looking for the text that would justify the lavish eating facilities he has insisted must be included in the modern church building. Alas, after these many years no verse of scripture has been found which even remotely suggested that it was within the realm of the church's work to provide feasts for the overfed flock. But despair no longer, the proof text (?) has been found, and of all places in a denominationally oriented magazine. Namely, YOUR CHURCH, a magazine printed six times a year for the benefit of improving "your church" as the denominational mind thinks it needs improvement.

The July/August issue was devoted to churches anti their banquets. Such enlightening articles as Food Service Facilities and Fellowship (Smell the coffee? fdc), Good Grief -- Not another Banquet, Potluck Supper to instant Gourmet Banquet, Staging the Banquet, and Tips for the Banquet Planner are included in this most worthwhile magazine. Worthwhile? Certainly! Why, in a journal with so many articles pertaining to the church being in the restaurant business there must be hidden somewhere the proof text for churches of Christ which insist in doing that for which the Lord gives no authorization.

Sadly, I must confess I did not read the issue at hand. It did not seem to offer any thing to the spiritually minded, but I am reasonably sure that there must be something in that issue which the liberal brethren will find profitable. In the meantime, "here's to you," "down the hatch." ....and all that rot.

April 1969