Who Said That?

Garreth L. Clark
Glendale, Arizona

Oftentimes today we are prone to rely upon what someone has said on a particular subject, rather than to investigate the matter in the light of what the scriptures reveal. We try to prove our point in this very questionable manner, which is extremely damaging to our position.

Did you ever have a religious discussion with someone who would constantly refer to what this one or what that one has said on the, subject? There are many members of the Lord's Church who use this form of approach to prove a point.

Whether or not a man teaches the absolute truth on a particular subject or not is irrelevant as far as many religious people are concerned. We, in order to establish truth, must refer to the Word of God (John 8:32; John 17:17). Quoting some man may accomplish some good under certain conditions, but, we must never attempt to prove a doctrinal point by mere reference to what some man has said on the subject.

We today are staunch advocates of the quotation "We speak where the Bible and remain silent where it is silent." Is this true, when we refer to a man as proof of the doctrine and practice of the Church? Surely we can see the absolute futility of such a position.

May we all, when asked, "WHO SAID THAT?" be able to refer the inquirer to the Word of God.

May 1969