The St. Louis Debate

A. C. Grider
Owensboro, Kentucky

On December 9, 10 and 12, 13 Brother Floyd D. Chappelear and Brother Arthur G. Blackwell debated the Orphan Home and Sponsoring Church arrangement in evangelism. I moderated for Brother Chappelear and W. L. Totty served in that capacity for Brother Blackwell.

The debate was conducted on a high plane and I believe much good will surely come from the discussion. Brother Blackwell apparently thought he had an advantage, being approximately twice as old as Chappelear. In fact he had "warned" that he was going to handle Chappelear rather roughly. He started out by declaring publicly that he would debate Chappelear 365 days out of the year. But the debate ended with Totty wanting to debate me in Indianapolis, another preacher wanting to debate Chappelear in Muncie, and with Blackwell NOT wanting to debate anybody anywhere anytime.

Brother Chappelear, who was himself converted to the truth during my debate with Guy N. Woods, conducted himself like a veteran debater. He presented argument after argument and chart after charts that were never touched by Brother Blackwell. In fact there were near forty of Chappelear's charts which were completely ignored by Blackwell. On the other hand, Chappelear examined the scriptures used by Blackwell and showed that they were being perverted and twisted to fit a false doctrine.

The brethren who supported Brother Chappelear were more than satisfied with his efforts. Many of them expressed to me their complete satisfaction with the work he did.

It certainly was a pleasure for me to serve as his moderator. I did very little except to keep time as Chappelear had the situation well in hand from start to finish of the debate.

It is to be hoped that other such discussions can be arranged all over the country as there are still honest people who will accept the truth when they have a chance to hear it.

Brother Totty agreed to let me come to Garfield Heights for a four night debate on Limited Benevolence. We shall announce the time as soon as it can be agreed upon.

May 1969