Truth Magazine to Become a Weekly

Cecil Willis
Marion, Indiana

A very brief announcement was made in the May issue of the intention for TRUTH MAGAZINE to become a weekly publication, beginning in October, 1969. The September issue will complete thirteen (13) years of publication as a monthly.

This decision was not hastily made. Several significant and knowledgeable brethren have encouraged us to consider a more frequent publication, and we have given passing thought to becoming a weekly for quite a long while.

But a formal meeting was held in April, 1969 of those integrally connected with the publication of TRUTH MAGAZINE, at which time a final decision was made to convert TRUTH MAGAZINE from a monthly into a weekly. In so doing, the expenses of publication will considerably more than double.

The writing staff of TRUTH MAGAZINE has been significantly strengthened and improved by the addition of Roy E. Cogdill and James W. Adams as Associate Editors. There are not two other brethren in the brotherhood anywhere whose services and encouragement I would rather have in this venture. Frankly, I doubt that we could have mustered the initiative to enter the weekly publication field without the services of brethren Cogdill and Adams. There probably are not two better known and more universally respected brethren in the brotherhood. We feel that their frequent writings alone would make your purchase of a TRUTH MAGAZINE subscript ion a bargain. But in addition to these outstanding and respected two brethren, I feel we already had assembled an able staff of Associate Editors.

What format will the weekly paper have? We debated, for financial reasons, eliminating the enamel coated paper, eliminating the extra color and picture from the cover, and changing the page size of the paper. However, in the final analysis, not one person really wanted to do any of these. So the weekly TRUTH MAGAZINE will have the some appearance and format that it had has a monthly. The only change will be that the weekly paper will convert to sixteen (16) pages. As a monthly, we have been publishing 288 pages of material a year (plus covers), and for this you ore now paying a subscription price of $4.00. As a sixteen (16) page weekly publication, we will be publishing 800 pages yearly, and for this we will ask that you pay $5.00 a year. You will be getting 500 extra pages of quality material a year for only one dollar extra cost. Now can you beat that for a bargain?

We calculate that it will require 1500 new subscriptions to make a weekly TRUTH MAGAZINE economically feasible. However, we are proceeding on the assumption

that our readers will assist us to secure 1500 new subscriptions, and are even now at work on the plans to implement weekly publication.

In order to expedite and to encourage this increased subscription, we are going to allow the writing of new subscriptions and the renewal of old ones at the $4.00 per year rate until October 1, 1969.

Our group subscription price after October first will be fifteen (15) subscriptions for $5.00 per month. Approximately one third of our subscriptions have come through the group plan. We hope that everyone who sincerely is interested in seeing TRUTH MAGAZINE become a weekly paper, and who financially can afford to do so, will purchase some subscriptions through this group plan. It has been, and yet is, our life-line.

We intend to have our news section much more up to date as a weekly. In order to expedite the printing and mailing of the weekly paper, we will change to a printer who is nearby - Economy Printing Concern of Berne, Indiana. The May Printing Company of Rolla, Missouri has been the TRUTH MAGAZINE printer for several years, and we feel has done a very excellent job. For their fine work, we are most appreciative.

We believe TRUTH MAGAZINE has been a worthwhile paper in content, and attractive in appearance. We intend now to make it as valuable an instrument as it is within our power to make it. The amount of good that can be done will be limited only by the circulation. Thus we solicit your help in securing new subscriptions.

June 1969