Vestigial Organs

Mike Willis
Mooresville, Indiana

Several years ago, scientists (?) introduced an argument in favor of evolution based upon the belief that there were nearly 180 useless organs in the body. These men taught that these organs were used at some point during the evolution of man, but that at this point in man's evolution, they were useless. Some organs listed as vestigial were the appendix, tonsils, muscles of the outer ear, etc.

The last I read, scientists have now found that all of the 180 so-called vestigial organs have usages (with the exception of somewhere near 6) previously unknown. Certainly scientific advancement has dealt a devastating blow to evolution at this point.

However, the vestigial organs I would like to call to your attention are found in the church. Eph. 4:16 states that the body (church) is "fitly framed together through that which every joint supplieth, according to the working in due measure of each several part..." The church, as God would have it, has every member working.

But, the church is filled with vestigial organs---organs that are useless because they do nothing. In this comparison of the church to the body, the church should have each member working even as the body lives when each member of it functions. Any body would be dead if as few of its organs worked as there are parts working in the body of Christ.

I hope no one attempts to prove the "evolution of the church" by vestigial organs. They might just prove it!


November 6, 1969