Careless Surmisings

Larry Ray Hafley
Plano, Illinois

Teachers of the word of God must be careful not to inject personal evaluations or judgments as fact. In the smallest matters one must be meticulous.

Lately, I have heard several loose statements. One preacher of some ability said that the little maid who waited on Naaman's wife had been "stolen away in the middle of the night from her home." Says who?

Another said that if Jesus had not made the water into wine that the young bride and groom would have been greatly embarrassed. How old were they? No passage tells us, therefore, no one can properly pronounce them young.

How often have you said, or heard it said, that Jesus' presence at the wedding feast indicated his approval of marriage? (Jno. 21 Well, it sounds good, but it is not so. His teaching shows his acceptance of marriage. With but little reflection it will be obvious that the "presence -- acceptance" argument will not hold up, so why use it?

At nearly every wedding, the one performing the ceremony will say something like this: "God took a rib from man, not his feet that he should trample her, nor from his head that he should dictatorially rule over her, but from his side, close to his heart, that he should love and cherish her." Sounds sweet, does it not? But who can say that is why God took the rib from the side of man? To be frank about it, ribs are not found in the feet or head. Maybe the reason the Lord took the rib from the side of Adam is because that is where ribs are found!

These are trivial matters you say? Disregard for God's word in seemingly insignificant areas is the cancer cell that breeds disrespect. Let every Christian be thoroughly true to the Book in thought, in word, in deed. Avoid careless surmising.

TRUTH MAGAZINE XIV 16, pp. 10-11

February 26, 1970