Preaching the Gospel in the Philippines

Cecil Willis
Marion, Indiana

Judging by the correspondence that comes to me, the fields are white unto harvest in the Philippines. About 40 gospel preachers there are apparently standing for the truth, and opposing the centralized cooperative arrangements that some Americans would 'impose upon them.

Some of these preaching brethren have spoken the gospel for 25 years. About 20 of these Philippine brethren yet need support. Recently I received correspondence from Brother Ricardo M. Jumawid, who has been working with Brother Samodal to whom some previous reference has been made in this journal.

Brother Jumawid was converted from the Christian Missionary Alliance Church, after having preached for them about twenty years. He and Brother Samodal have been working among this denominational group. Brother Jumawid reports the conversion of 36 members of one Christian and Missionary Alliance church, and the baptism of "14 pagans."

Prospects in the Philippines seem to be so good that it probably would be good for some American brother to make an extended preaching trip over there so as to be able to report first-hand to churches that are in position to assist in supporting preachers there. Brother Roy Cogdill has indicated he would try to arrange the time to go, if travel funds can be arranged. Are you interested in helping to finance this needed trip? I think Brother Cogdill could be particularly helpful, since the Philippine brethren are having difficulty because their government insists that each religious group have one official representative. Surprisingly, a church in California is the legally recognized "agent" for the churches in the Philippines. These Philippine brethren are struggling against governmental control to maintain congregational independence.

But back to Brother Jumawid. He has nine children, with four of them yet in school. He needs support. If you would like to have "fellowship" with him, his address is Ricardo M. Jumawid, Maraya, Margosatubig, Zamboanga del sur N-318, Republic of the Philippines. He also requests that money be supplied for a "loud speaker, so that it will help us to save our voice in shouting the Word of God in preaching, and to interest the people with the preaching, and for the often public debates in many places." Assistance would be much appreciated, I am sure. The accompanying photos illustrate the work of brethren Samodal and Jumawid.

TRUTH MAGZINE XIV: 17, pp. 4-5

March 5, 1970