The New Morality

Robert Wayne LaCoste
Hereford, Texas

"So what's wrong with it? It's alright, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else."

This is the theme of the "New Morality" generation. It is the idea of "doing your own thing", living as you wish and with whom you wish. There is certainly nothing further from Christianity and this! It may sound good to do your own thing and do it as long as it doesn't hurt anything or anyone else, but living as you wish will hurt YOU, although it might not hurt anyone else.

It is quite likely that it will affect someone else, for none of us live unto ourselves and our influence plays an important role in each one's everyday life.

The "New Morality" laughs at Biblical marriage and the old moral concept that allows one woman to one man. The "New Morality" decrees that love should be universal in scope and enjoyed by all. Adultery is never considered and fornication never given a second thought. The "New Morality" has been said to be the item which shall allow many of the worlds problems concerning communication and "understanding" to be solved. This is certainly questionable however, for what all this boils down to is the fact that this "New Morality" is against the Bible's standard of morality.

There has never been a more favorable concept of morality than the one the Bible speaks of. But more important is the fact that this Bible morality originated with someone greater than man. For that reason alone -- it has to be better than anything man could dream up.

The "New Morality" is a front! I know, for I have seen it in the modern educational institutions of the day, devouring the souls of young men and women. Ii salves these young peoples' conscience and they think it gives them a license to sin. What it is simply doing, however, is corrupting those who .partake in it, and those children born und~ it will be ashamed they were not conceived under a marital situation.

Marriage originated with God! And as the Savior so aptly put it: "Have ye not read, that He who made them at the beginning made them male and female (Matt. 19:4-9).' Jesus was teaching here that even from the beginning man had only one mate, as Adam had Eve! Jesus went on to say that those which practiced differently than this sinned! There certainly are not going to be those kinds of people in heaven.

It naturally is questionable, whether this "New Morality" is really new or not! These people have not dreamed up anything new other than what the Apostle Paul was condemning as he wrote in (I Cor. 6: 18-20: "Flee fornication! Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body."

There are certainly no advantages to this "New Morality." All it can possibly produce is separation from God. It is of the world, and not of God. It is a moral code which is trying to replace a code as old as man himself. God will not tolerate such foolishness.

TRUTH MAGAZINE XIV: 19, pp. 12-13

March 19, 1970