Liberal Heaven

Al Collin
Old Hickory, Tenn.

Last night I dreamed I went to "Liberal heaven."

A grander place you will never see.

A big broadway led to the golden gates; Bold banner and bright flags gaily invited me.

I gave my name and entered with the noisy crowd,

And I saw big-name-preachers shaking hands and looking proud.

I continued down the midway and on my left,

I was surprised to see,

A beauty contest taking place to find who

"Miss Heaven" would be.

On my right were free popcorn, cold drinks and cotton candy stands,

And everyone was laughing and filling up both hands.

On either side were ferris wheels and there were merry-go-rounds,

And people were being entertained everywhere by clowns.

There were tents with gaily lit crosses

extolling preachers I heard of on earth,

And from inside I heard sounds of ever

increasing mirth.

My heart was saddened from the sights and

sounds before me,

For I knew this was not the way heaven was

to be.

I searched vainly for Jesus and asked many

where he might be found.

A few said they'd heard of Him, but none had

seen him around.

At a hand on my shoulder I turned, to the

angel I had seen at the gate.

He said in checking in his books, he'd found

he'd made a mistake.

For it seemed I'd been branded "anti" by the

liberals down below.

And he was truly sorry, but I would have to


I thanked him and told him I would soon be

onward bound.

For I didn't want to stay where Christ could

not be found.


April 2, 1970