Three Bible Degrees to Attain

Garreth Clair
Brawley, California

1. B.L. (Bible Language). In order to obtain this desired degree, one must accept the exact statement of Scripture on every question of Faith, Doctrine, and Practice, speaking not only WHERE the Scriptures speak, but speaking also AS the Scriptures speaks.

2. B.R. (Bible Reverence). The one obtaining this very important degree must allow the Scriptures to mean just exactly what they say. Believing that the Bible is its own best interpreter, the candidate receiving this degree will accept the natural, obvious meaning which harmonizes with everything else that the Bible may say on a particular subject.

3. B.A. (Bible Authority). To receive this advanced degree, one must accept the Scriptures without reservations as the absolute, final, and irrevocable authority on all matters pertaining unto life and godliness. The Scriptures must be received as essential, fundamental, and vital in the settlement of every Bible question.


April 9, 1970