Ralph Sweet Wants to Reply!

Cecil Willis
Marion, Indiana

Beginning with the January 22, 1970 issue of TRUTH MAGAZINE, I ran a series of three articles entitled "Modernism in Bible Class Literature.'' Primarily I was criticizing the theistic evolution taught in the High School class book "GENESIS AND MY LIFE," which is a part of "The Living Word," series published by the R.B. Sweet Company in Austin, Texas.

On February 11, 1970, Brother Sweet wrote me the following brief note: "I am holding up answering your letter of January 7, 1970, until I read the third article in your series dealing with our materials. Cecil, will you let me answer your articles in your paper?"

The "January 7, 1970" letter for which he referred was one in which I asked him to tell

me WHY he had taken off market The Lords Supper by Warren Lewis. I had stated that

It was because of Catholic overtones that the book was taken off the market. Leroy

Garrett had written me that I was in error as to why it was not longer sold by the Sweet

Company, and that he was positive about the matter for he had "firsthand" information.

Since Garrett was not himself a "first-hand" party in this matter which involved Ralph

Sweet and Warren Lewis, I assumed that it was no big secret. So I wrote Sweet to find out myself "first-hand" as to why the book was removed from the retail market. Now I might add that I still have not gotten a reply to my January 7, 1970 letter (and as I write, the month of March will soon be gone).

Ralph Sweet's February 11, 1970 letter was responded to on February 17th. In reference for his request I stated: "Certainly I will permit you to reply to my articles in our paper, providing you will give my articles the same circulation you expect me to give to yours. I would be very interested in hearing what you have to say about the book which I reviewed. I also would like to know who wrote it.... "

Brother Sweet publishes at least three papers, among them the CHRISTIAN CHRONICLE, so it should pose no problem for him to publish our exchange of articles. I know that the readers of TRUTH MAGAZINE will be interested in reading this proposed exchange of articles. So I thought I would inform you beforehand of the proffered exchange, and assure you that they will be forthcoming as soon as further word is heard from Brother Ralph Sweet.

Note: An article from Brother' Sweet has been received, and should appear in about two weeks.


April 23, 1970