Schedule A- Line II

Norman Midgette
Marion, Ind.

Have you filled out your Federal Income Tax forms for last year? There is really no rush we all have a day or so yet. When you do get around to it, if you itemize your deductions, you will use Schedule A of form 1040. This is the fun form because on this page you will be able to itemize all those expenses you can deduct (isn't that a beautiful word this time of year?) from your income. You will put down all of your allowable medical expenses. These are expenses you paid because you or your family was sick. Then you will put down a figure for taxes. These you paid because the government said so. You will move right along and put down another large figure for interest paid. That is what you paid extra for buying what you did not have the money to pay for. Then on LINE 11 you will put down a figure for your contributions, including what you gave on Sundays to the Lord for our work together. This is what you gave as one measure of your love for the Lord. Are you satisfied that it reflects your giving as you were prospered (1 Cor. 16: 1-3)? Will your conscience bother you when you are forced to put the honest figure down?

Many of you will get a refund this year and I expect you are wondering, "What can I do with it this time?" Hmmmm, have you thought about using some of it to cleanse a conscience? Schedule A - Line 11 may well be the most important line to you on all of the forms because it reveals something about you and God.

Give liberally throughout the year and make it easy on yourself next Spring.


April 23, 1970