Very Interesting!!!

Cecil Willis

Recently I read copies of the speeches given at the "First Lectureship" (held in October, 1968) of the "Mack Christian School" of Cincinnati, Ohio. Featured speaker on the program was Roy Bowen Ward, Assistant Professor of Religion at Miami (Ohio} University. Brother Ward' also is Editor of the ultra-liberal paper, MISSION. In identifying Brother Ward, the printed lecture series said, "He has also had a part in the new 'LIVING WORD' Commentary Series being put out by the Sweet Company."

Another speaker on this "First Lectureship" was James W. Phillips, who then preached for the Norwood church in Cincinnati, and was said to be on the "Advisory Board of Midwestern Children's Home." In his speech on "Improving the Educational Program of the Church," Brother Phillips said that in selection of class materials, "the teacher must constantly be on guard against modernism and liberalistic ideas in the booklets" (p. 27).

Then parenthetically Phillips warned: "Avoid R. B. Sweet's materials as he is printing the same material published by David Cook Printing Co., an interdenominational publishing company. The material is printed for any denomination. It does not teach enough of the TRUTH."

Wonder why a church would have one man to present four lessons on "Christian Education" (as Brother Ward did), and then have another brother on the same lecture program warn against purchasing items printed by the company for which Brother Bowen does considerable of his writing? Somehow they must have gotten their "wires crossed."


April 23, 1970