Radicalism, Rioting and Revolution: By Muddle-heads, Misfits, and Malcontents

Guthrie Dean

The only reason I ever even mention the hippy movements and the leftists and radical element, is because it is so extremely hard to get the press to ever say anything good about our young people anymore. The great majority of our High School and College Students are as American as apple-pie, and as level-headed as anyone that age is expected to be. Let us hear more from and more about these youngsters who are making good, accepting constructive leadership, offering something worthwhile, taking care of their own business, and actually contributing something besides Socialist dribble and Marxist double-talk! ! Why allow a handful of fuzzy-minded professors and mentally disturbed drop-outs to have all the news space on the air and in the printed page? Young people, we love you. You are our hope of a better day. We need you in the church. We need you in the school-room. We need you in industry. We need you with us, working at our sides. Together, let us start a revolution that will make the Lord's Kingdom so attractive that "all nations will flow into it."


April 30, 1970