An Answer to "Modernism in Bible Class Literature I, II, III"

Ralph Sweet
Austin, Texas

It is amazing to me that Cecil Willis and Truth Magazine have attacked our literature and our company now that they are selling literature. The book brought in question has been on the market seven years. Truth Magazine and the Cogdill Foundation have purchased from us a series of Bible Class materials to be sold. Now that they are in the business of selling for a profit their own materials, it seems very coincidental that a part of the plan is to accuse others of modernism in hopes of selling their own materials.

Articles I, II and III in Truth Magazine accuse our materials of teaching theistic evolution.

1. We do not believe theistic evolution.

2. The Bible does not teach theistic evolution.

3. Our material does not teach theistic evolution.

Our material teaches that we do not know how long creation took. The Bible says, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." Brother Willis says we are teaching theistic evolution because we do not say it is six literal days.

Now let me quote from your own literature. (Cecil, you should have read what you are selling before you attacked.) "How long had the creative process been going on before man came into being? No one knows. Genesis does not even hint at how long it may have been." (Senior High Pupil, Book 10, Part 1, page 2) I quote you again, "All the theories that science has worked out picture a period when space was filled with unorganized matter7 (Book 10, Part 1, page 2.)

Again I quote from the literature Cecil says is "praised" and that he sells. "You may be trying to defend some teaching of middle-age theology, rather than what the Bible actually teaches." (Teacher Book 10, Part 1, page 9.)

Cecil, I have no quarrel with your material. I do not disagree with it, but evidently you do. I suggest you take a night off and read the material you are selling as closely as you have read ours.

The theory that the earth was created in 4004 B.C. came from an archbishop in the Catholic Church in Ireland; The date 4004 B.C. was first used in the King James Version in 1701. It is not in the text of Genesis.

Cecil, you mention our commentaries are under fire because of modernistic authors. You also say, "Two writers have resigned because of the modernism of others on the staff." Cecil, prove this! This is not true! If you are calling modernism believing in cooperation or the Herald of Truth, then they are modern. There is not a writer on this series that is modernistic in the accepted sense of this word.

You also mention "two books have been written (Axe on the Root) to expose the modernism." Ira Rice is the author of these books. He has made an attack on our company through falsehoods and innuendos that is second to nothing. 1. He has us 'buying out a large eastern publishing company (not true). 2. He has John David Stewart (one of our editors) recommending his book and then later on in the book attacks him. 3. He has W. F. Cawyer recommending his book and brother Cawyer told me that Ira had no right to use his name. He never recommended the book.

I suggest to you Cecil that you check the morals and the integrity of a man before you quote him. Ira Rice has been sending out his "Far East Newsletter" under a non-profit status and yet advertising his records for $5.95 (which we can press for 40c) and advertising his books for $2.00 (which we can print for 25c). I am not saying a man must not make a profit. I am saying it is not non-profit and shouldn't be mailed trader this guise!

Brother Willis, I believe the Bible, every word of it. I believe in obeying it. I am sure you do. I consider you my brother. All I ask is that you verify things before you print them. Attacks have been made on me and our Company for years. I have chosen not to answer them because I felt that they would before believing error. I feel that I must answer. I do not like to use our company or our paper to run down anyone. I prefer to sit down with a brother 18:15), which I do.


May 7, 1970