Regarding That "But Men" Article in Truth Magazine

Peter McPherson
Ontario Canada

On the above particular incident we are pleased to clear Clyde and the North Bay church. It is not our desire to misrepresent any brother, even inadvertently.

I said in the December 11, 1969 article, "A recent Bulletin from North Bay, Ontario regretted that there were not sufficient church funds to give to a request made by a benevolent organization, and therefore . . . the request was being placed on the bulletin board so that anyone interested could help as an individual." I said that "he (meaning the editor of the Bulletin, Clyde Lansdell though I did not mention his name in the article) apparently feels that he has control of the show and could even engage the church funds in such human charity organizations as the Red Cross."

Brother Clyde writes to inform me that he "wasn't responsible for printing the bulletins (then he was not the editor?--P. McPherson) and therefore no copies were kept." He continues, "I have spent a good deal of time thinking about this and have come up with this suggestion as to what might have happened. Several years ago we appointed a relatively new Christian to be the treasurer and secretary of the church here. As secretary he was responsible for printing up a business meeting report for the members and putting it in the bulletin. I vaguely remember receiving a letter from the Red Cross and answering them to the effect that we were going to encourage individual contributions. This brother may have (in reporting this in the bulletin) stated that we were not in a position financially to help from the treasury and suggested as an alternative for individuals to contribute. However, this most certainly was not the decision of a business meeting and most certainly was not my personal feelings."


July 16, 1970